Fabtotum Core

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
214 x 234 x 240
Layer Resolution
25-400 microns
Material Types
PLA, ABS, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
260° C
Open Source

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Small ab By Alfredo B. on May 11 2017
Strong-built high-quality machine

Being also a milling machine, it has a sturdy structure and so far seems to be reliable. Prints well in all materials. Great software. Little need for technical assistance, but got answers the same day.

Plus, it looks good in my lab!

Avatar small By cmabreu on Jul 22 2017
FABtotum by cmabreu

Aesthetically it is a very attractive machine. It is not exactly a cheap printer, and less so if we consider the acquisition of the laser head and the drilling head. 

Initially, I had many problems in the calibration of the machine, since the brand filament has slightly different characteristics of the filament that it intended to use (much cheaper). 

It has auto-leveling of the table, but this functionality disillusioned me tremendously, since it made the nozzle print very close to the table. 

The printer is wireless, which has complicated the connection with the slicing software a bit, since the gcode file must be generated and only after it is created can it be printed. Cura and simplify3d still do not allow wireless connection with the printers (as far as I know!)

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