Monoprice Maker Ultimate

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
200 x 200 x 175
Layer Resolution
50-350 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
260° C
Open Source

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Small 10985499 10205978007556791 3801858294143913344 n By JonathanHawkins on Dec 15 2016
Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer

I thoroughly have enjoyed this printer so far. It was a breeze to setup and I have had no issues with the build quality  of the device. Quiet and extremely solid. Print quality is great.  Prints from 20 microns and up. Direct drive extruder makes things easy to get your material in and out. I have  had no jams with the nozzle since the first print.

**IMPORTANT** My major issues was that the version of CURA software that shipped with the machine gave errors when opening the .exe on Windows 10. I had to call monoprice to get the right version. WHICH IS  CURA Version: 15.04.6


Avatar small By irq_vet on Oct 04 2017
Great Printer Value

You get a really good printer for the money and it goes on sale often so even better, the printer is sturdy and quiet compared to other printers I have tested, overall the quality of this printer is really good. The setup is easy to follow with the included booklet but there were steps missing and it refers you to the wanhao website. The ribbon cable that connects to the printer head is always getting loose, tho easily fixed with a quick 3d print. No major complaints my print have been mostly ruined by the filament spool. I definitely recommend this printer as a mid range entry level printer.

Avatar small By Mot on Aug 13 2018
Reliable, easy to use, and really sturdy 3d printer for novice users

It's a very sturdy printer, well made, mostly reliable, easy to use, but a little expensive to use, and has disappointing service support, and spare parts. 

Overall it's a good buy for the money, specially if you are novice on 3d printing. Take some time to figure it out the optimal parameters for each filament, but the basic settings are in general ok and a good starting point, but I wish this printer has more easyly available spare parts and support. I will recommend thisbprinter any time. 

Avatar small By hemanbeefcake on Jan 27 2019
My first printer, and it works

Picked up on sale at Christmas.  Been a decent printer so far.  Had to tighten up all screws after unboxing.  Replaced mainboard fan that was noisy sub par, upgraded hot end and printed a fan shroud that ctually works.  Petg still has yet to be dialed in, but I have dialed in almost all of the pla I have thrown at it.  Software is meh so I just use latest cura, haven't called in for support yet, and it is fairly noisy... But all in all it has printed out some cool stuff and I cannot say I regret my purchase.

Avatar small By emcnet on May 13 2019
Monoprice Ultimate IIIP

Excellent machine,  I am buying a second for the office workshop

Avatar small By rodrig5300 on Dec 20 2019
Great printer for a first-time buyer

It is rather simple to use...after you figure it out on your own.  The instructions were pretty generic, there was no software,  & relatively little to no customer service or online support.  Not looking forward to have to replace parts because my model doesn't even come up anywhere.  Now that I have figured out how to use it, I can train middle school aged kids to use it.

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