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Avatar small By David Bell on Jun 26 2018
Acrylic parts pit falls.

Be careful during assembly not to over tighten the acrylic parts mounting screws. I broke the y axis servo mount and glued it back together to use as a pattern to make an aluminum part.

Don't rush assembly. Watch you-tube videos on how to fix plastic drip problems. Very easy to do and it will stop problems. Bed leveling is easy and works well if you follow instructions. I use wide blue painters tape with no glue and adhesion is no problem with PLA.

I give it all thumbs up. Prints are great with very little trimming etc.

Avatar small By klaudioleiva on Sep 18 2018
Muy conforme en relacion calidad precio

La impresora tronxy 3X es muy simple de usar y con unos muy economicos simples Upgrades ofrecidos por una comunidad creciente rapidamente aumenta su calidad de impresion hasta un nivel mas que satisfactorio. la recomiendo para gente que incia y quiere probar una impresora

Avatar small By Harold Boughen on Oct 27 2018
every time i print that sensor drags it about. this is the 7 time i have printed it and it ends uo an a ball aroungd the sensor

as above. will keep trying but not for long. this is the worse printer I had.

Avatar small By Timmy Turtle on Apr 30 2019
Good for first timers!

I own 3 Tronxy X3S and I am quite happy with them for both ease of use and printing quality at the price  of the printing unit I understand there are probably better printers out there but I like its simplicity.

Avatar small By John Damigos on May 10 2019
Starter 3D Printer

If you find a good deal like i do then is a value for money. From the start point of building the printer it needs modifications that only can print. So to be that machine functional you need a friend with another printer ready to print lot of parts!

Avatar small By Flyboy BC on Jun 12 2019
Amazing machine for the price.

Larger than minimum build area. Fantastic quality of prints. Only con is it is NOT easy to assemble. Right from the start I was printing high quality parts, lithophanes and Christmas gifts. I am in love with my TronXY!

Avatar small By Jean Perceau on Aug 12 2019
Très bonne initiation pour pratiquer la 3D

Très bonne machine d'apprentissage que je n'ai eu aucun mal à assembler et à faire fonctionner. 

Par contre je suis passé de Windows 7 à Windows 10 et les drivers ne fonctionne plus. Je cherche une solution depuis 2 jours sans succès....

Avatar small By Mary Zirkle on Jan 05 2020
over all nice printer

put together in 1 afternoon, took a little longer to level. but I have no experience with 3d printers.  have printed a couple of pieces  but I'm just learning how to adjust size and such stuff.

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