Raise3D N2 Plus

by Raise3D
88% Recommended

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Avatar small By Zac Austad on Mar 25 2017
10 minutes from out of the box to ready to print!!

The Printer is very solid build.  The support is the best I have had out of 15 different shops and prior purchases!!  They are very personal and and efficient and very effective delivery process and timing.  I would buy it again with no questions asked.

Small logo superfici raster By Superfici S.c.r.l. on Nov 10 2017
Great value

Very good price considering build volume and average quality.

The availability of different nozzle sizes is a plus.

Avatar small By Hunter Riggans on Dec 16 2017
The printer is really good

This printer can print at an insanely high detail, over all it is a really good printer that Is worth buying

Small pb300316 By Robotech75 on Jan 04 2018
3d print Raise

Very good print , but not easy to use ....

Avatar small By Philinside on Apr 12 2018
Best printer ever!

I work in 3d printing shop, and everyday i print and print again. I can see  the FDM 3D printer  which is the most accurate, easiest to control, with a various types of filaments is this Raise3d N2+.

If you find this printer not easy to use, i supposed your not familiar at all with 3d printing.

Avatar small By Michael 2018 on Jul 10 2018
1 year experience

the best printer I have 1 out of 4

Small frame detail hull glass By Drew Petitclerc on Jul 20 2021
Expensive, not for the beginners.

Love the size and quality of prints when you can get it running, difficult in every aspect to repair or improve on mechanical issues. Software can be difficult to navigate.

Avatar small By bonanobx on Oct 21 2021
Good quality...

Expensive printer but the quality of the product is excellent 

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