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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
317 x 203 x 254
Layer Resolution
40 microns
Material Types
PLA, ABS, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
315° C
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Avatar small By Ghaffar Ellis on Nov 04 2016
The Airwolf has been a blessing. It comes with its own draw backs though.

Back in March the first professional FDM printer hit the island of Jamaica. Its housed in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Right out the box the excitement hit the production floor in the manufacturing plant at Hamilton Industrial. The positives first.  The Airwolf brought a new hope for my team at Apply 3D (We're a startup company) due to the greater build quality and dual extruder capabilities. This was a massive upgrade from our previously owned Micro 3D.  We also could use more materials than ever before, trust me on that one. Did I mention that this machine is a blessing should you want to fabricate multiple large items, OMG! The challenges second Being limited to gcode is still the biggest draw back to date. Second was the amount of material we waste in building support structures. Thirdly, the software system comes with its own draw backs too. You will experience this from you first experience. Oh, and did I mention how long this thing takes to warm up, OMG! Be extra careful on print above 8 inches.

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