Monoprice Select Mini

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The Monoprice Select Mini sets a new standard for low cost FDM printing. At $200, it's one of the cheapest machines on the market and boasts impressive print quality for the price.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
120 x 120 x 120
Layer Resolution
100-350 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
230° C
Open Source

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Monoprice Select Mini Prints 192

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Avatar small By kungfulego on Feb 17 2019
pretty good

the print bed is pretty small, but it still works. I have to resize a few things. calibration is needed often, but it isnt that hard. I would use cura for the prints. hatchbox is good for this and the filament will last about three months give or take. you have to be creative and careful with the machine or you could find it very frustrating. it comes pre built right out of the box. I print things on a daily basis and come to a couple issues. taking off supports is hard and it seems to like printing with the printjob stuck to the nozzle. it comes with an stl file and enough filament to print it, (if you dont stop it). ALWAYS  read the print settings, ALWAYS  be careful, and most of all, have fun printing!

Avatar small By stef.change on Feb 18 2019
Good ratio quality/price

Good investissment, good quality of make

Be careful with the heater plate at the removal

Avatar small By Richard Ruark on Feb 18 2019
Ready to print out of the box.

The printer was $150.00 USD. Arrived assembled with a manual for quick print. It printed great after a quick manual bed level. The community is great with upgrades and problem solving...great videos on YouTube. I really enjoy using this printer. Great value!!!

Avatar small By Gary Harvey on Feb 19 2019
MP Select Mini V2

For a beginner printer it is pretty easy to setup and use.  Does require table adjustment periodically but not difficult to do.  Only thing that I wish I had done is purchased something other than a mini.  Prints are small. 

Avatar small By Christopher Javier Colon on Mar 16 2019
Awesome Printer

A small giant! Powerful and very easy to understand. Been her just a week and I have printed tons of cutters.

Avatar small By dpaul7 on Mar 25 2019

For what I am making, this printer is ideal!  Easy to use, a GREAT community to help.  The directions should be improved a bit.  But the community has a GREAT manual that fill sin all the missing pieces!

Avatar small By cbanks on Apr 15 2019
Excellent for Beginners or Hobbyist.

I've had this small 3d printer for over a year and have had multiple small problems with it.  I have printed several small prints with it , and even done some large prints with it, for the money it is a great 3d printer and one of the best value printers for the beginner , but if your going to be tweaking your builds and doing very detailed prints I would suggest going with a higher end unit.

Small weesnaw By rjmarwil on May 06 2019
Fun, Easy, Good Price

Cheap way to get into 3D printing. Produces good quality prints and beginner-friendly.

Small s342993526990440226 p1 i11 w1024 2 By nomadin on May 08 2019
excelent beginner printer

low budget printer.print for houres wiht ease.easy to maintain.easy to use.

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