Monoprice Select Mini

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The Monoprice Select Mini sets a new standard for low cost FDM printing. At $200, it's one of the cheapest machines on the market and boasts impressive print quality for the price.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
120 x 120 x 120
Layer Resolution
100-350 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
230° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By MunchyMonster on Feb 01 2018
First Printer

I've been doing hobby CNC for awhile now.  This is my first foray into 3d printing.  I am delighted with the results I've been able to achieve.  All the bumps in the road happened on my first day, but I've since figured them out and it has been successful print after successful print so far.

Small maxresdefault.jpg By enginegeek21 on Feb 03 2018
First And Most Likely Only Printer

Where do I start... this printer has held up to so many challenges, and mastered them all. The printer's price point is perfect for anyone who is interested or beginning to 3d print. The only down side is the build plate volume, which is 120x120x120mm. Still, you get what you pay for. I Love the build quality of the printer, as well as the print quality of the printer. There are lots of discord chats out there that are very helpful for you, links at the  bottom of the review. Here are some pro's and con's of the Monoprice Select Mini 3d printer.


  • Great performance and excellent customer service
  • Outstanding Print Quality
  • Comes with a Micro Sd Card & Filament "PLA"
  • Upgradable Parts
  • Pre-Assembled


  • Some of the belts need to be lubricated on occasion
  • Hot end 30mm Fan broke within a week or two "Burned Out"
  • Build volume is smaller than other DIY Printers.

Overall, if you are wanting to get into 3d printing, this is the right choice to make. The Monoprice Select Mini is a beast  of a machine, and is capable of much more than what you would expect at this price range.

Discord Invite Link:

Discord Download:


Avatar small By Eve Lone on Feb 04 2018
Mini but mighty

it was a good price and the print quality  is great  I  would  recommend it to everyone.

Avatar small By Sebi Metheny on Feb 05 2018
Cheap, easy to use, and great for small prints.

My experience has been mostly positive. It is easy to use, and the prints come out really well. The build area is small, but I knew that before purchasing. 

My only real issue has just occurred recently. Occasionally the printer will shut off in the middle of a print, and while I'm still looking into the issue, some cursory research indicates that the power supply may need to be replaced.

Avatar small By [email protected] on Feb 06 2018
Great fun!

Recently received and am very pleased with it. Easy enough to create simple projects yet seems to hold lots of potential for future challenges. 

Avatar small By Justin Waggoner on Feb 09 2018
Excellent starter printer

Very simple and easy to use and set up. Can print several materials and has the necessary heated bed. Very good for the price ($200). Can be difficult to level the build plate, but at least it does not seem to move once you've made the adjustments. Cool cantilevered z axis. If you have been thinking about getting a printer for hobbyist projects then this is the one to get. 

Avatar small By Bret Shaffer on Feb 15 2018
Wi-Fi ability not what it caims

the Wi-Fi app only sets up the Wi-Fi connection.  You cannot print from your smart phone (the reason I got this model in the first place)

Avatar small By jeriquezzo on Feb 16 2018
Works out of the box

Great first time printer for beginners

Avatar small By LeoSubmarino on Feb 17 2018
Mono price Mini: Start (and stay) here!

A fantastic first printer. Good hardware, usable out of the box, affordable,  easy to maintain, and produces fantastic prints. Full disclosure, this is my first owned 3D printer, though I've borrowed others several times over the past few years. This one is by far the best! 

If you want a quality 3D printer that can do 97.5% everything as well as any other printer, this one is for you. 

Pros: affordable, nice design, well built, reliable, thin minimum layer thickness (an eye-watering .04375mm step size allows you to print super thin layers for amazing print quality), easy enough to modify, has a great fan base. 

Cons: Single extruder (can't do those cool multicolor prints), small print bed size (easy enough to work around), not the fastest printer (I get best results at 55mm/s). 

Avatar small By Ben Liberatore on Feb 20 2018
Quirk worth noting

When I first set up the printer, I had a tremendous amount of time getting it to print.  Researching via the internet I found many people had same problem.  One suggestion I found was to change the disk.  After I did, the printer worked great.  EXCEPT not every disk will work so I have to test and see.  Other than that, highly recommend

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