Monoprice Select Mini

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The Monoprice Select Mini sets a new standard for low cost FDM printing. At $200, it's one of the cheapest machines on the market and boasts impressive print quality for the price.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
120 x 120 x 120
Layer Resolution
100-350 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
230° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By edbetty14 on Oct 29 2018
Very good basic Printer

Getting it to interact with Cura program is difficult. Once I get a file into the printer memory it prints fine but that is not straight forward yet

Avatar small By Hansk on Nov 18 2018
Great printer for the price! Software does not load though.

This is a great printer!  Easy to set up, and well designed.  You do have to manually level the bed, which I'm finding is a little tricker than I would have imagined.  But for the price I can live with it.  I am new to 3d printers, so I've got some stuff to learn.  Learning about slicing software, I saw that I just needed to use the slicing software on the SD card that came with the printer.  Unfortunately, the file was corrupt.  So I downloaded Cura, which works fine.  However, Cura does not list this printer, so I'm not sure if it knows the size parameters for it.  I guess we will eventually find out!

Avatar small By 3dspacepenguan88 on Nov 19 2018
good printer but cura was a total joke

it is the best thing that has ever happened first printer i have owned and i love it. cura just didn't print at all. i have a windows 10 and i am using the software that came pre downloaded, and it works great. and you don't have to download another shady slicer. also the overhang on it works reely well. i have to say for its price it is the best printer i have ever seen.


Avatar small By mullaleyn on Nov 29 2018
Great machine.

My brother and I are retired and decided we needed a hobby. We looked at a lot of machines and the mini was just right. We weren't sure that we would stick with it so we weren't interested in investing a lot of money. I love this machine and I have very few headaches from it it's on the kitchen table and it's been running for a month. I am definitely enjoying myself.

Avatar small By technodave on Dec 09 2018
Monoprice Select Mini V2

This is my first 3D printer and its amazing! I used the setup instructions from a reviewer on Amazon and it printed perfectly. Messed a couple of prints up because I didn't have the platform leveled properly. The ONLY thing I would change if I could is that the 3D prints stick HARD to the mat. I have to use a knife to pry them loose. 

Avatar small By patrick.mullaley on Dec 16 2018
My mini

We have had this printer since October and it has run continuously.  Just printing toys. It is a workhorse

Avatar small By ashenlion on Dec 25 2018
One of the best Christmas gifts I ever got

In the words of a wise man: "I'm gonna make some weird s***!"

Avatar small By Jason Cagle on Dec 28 2018
Made an excellent Christmas gift!! Great value for a starter printer!

For a beginner like me, the Monoprice Mini Select v2 is a great starter. Punches a punch in a small size! Easy to setup, I was up and running good prints in under an hour!  Just be sure to follow the directions included.  Works great over WiFi although I suggest leaving to smaller 3D files.

Avatar small By Dean96 on Jan 03 2019
I enjoy my new printer

So far I have been impressed by how easy it is to use and the quality of prints that it produces are incredible for such a small machine.

Avatar small By strippedvoltage on Jan 20 2019
Easy quick start

Very easy to use, clean and handle. 

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