Monoprice Select Mini

94% Recommended


The Monoprice Select Mini sets a new standard for low cost FDM printing. At $200, it's one of the cheapest machines on the market and boasts impressive print quality for the price.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
120 x 120 x 120
Layer Resolution
100-350 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
230° C
Open Source

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Small 21366974 10210215381929688 4053642099124644197 o By hitchabout on Jun 14 2019
Small package BIG results

Now it's my second favorite printer i own.  I got it open box on sale,very awesome.  After some mods, it has gotten better. user friendly. Only thing it needed was a better power supply.

Avatar small By nartr on Jul 21 2019
Despite having a small print bed, this printer is great

Out of the box the printer was very stable, nearly all metal, and ready to print immediately. The only actual "setup" was leveling the print bed, and other than that this thing is a breeze to use. Fairly high quality prints, albeit small, for a great price. The best part about the printer isn't even the printer itself; it's the community. There are numerous groups and forums available for this printer specifically, ready to help even the most clueless of noobs with absolutely any problem. The best part is the number of mods that can be easily applied to this printer, everything from bed extensions to a simple filament guide. I would recommend this printer to anyone who is thinking about getting into printing, however do to the small bed size I would recommend upgrading to something larger if you have your eye on large scale prints

Avatar small By Doc Doyle on Sep 07 2019

I could never get the wireless to hook up, the machine constantly plugged up, when I contacted technical support technician I spoke to was less then helpful oh, my recommendation spend a little more money and get a better unit

Avatar small By MikHalifax on Nov 21 2019
Excellent entry printer

This printer does a great job it’s very easy to use. It has been very reliable.  My biggest desire would be a larger build surface.

Avatar small By dremwilly on Jan 05 2020
simple and easy to use starter printer for low cost

Low cost printer who works perfect if you upgrade with own printed parts..

Avatar small By Bryan1970 on Jan 12 2020
UGH!! I must be doing something wrong.

This was my very first printer, it was very close to being my last. It was more of a whim purchase for me and I had no practical experience. The establishment I bought it from promised customer support, not so much. That being said, Monoprice's Customer Service was incredibly lacking also. I almost quit before I got started. The one thing I do appreciate about this printer is that I learned a lot just trying to get it to run.  Even 2 1/2 years later it is my most formidable opponent out of all of my printers. But if you enjoy a challenge it works. I would honestly recommend going with a Creality Ender3 , same price points but twice the build volume.

Avatar small By БУРМИЧ on Feb 21 2020
Аппарат просто супер

Очень простой  в пользование,

Avatar small By Bünyamin Avci on Feb 26 2020
Well, out of the Factory, the Z-Axis wobbles.

While it was nice to use at first, over time I noticed Z-banding, which made the surface look bad and had a significant impact on tolerances. I used a common mod that kinda fixed it but this is my first printer and I made mistakes, so the Z axis performed partially worse even. Plus they use a cheap plastic extruder that broke the first month in and had me upgrade to an all metal extruder. Get a Prusa Mini instead it is literally the same thing but WAY better.

Small img 35732 By ChrisKits on Mar 20 2020
its for beginners

on every road there is a start, the start for this road was rocky. stuff break (lots of stuff) i would recommend this printer to a beginner but not over a Ender 3 the Ender 3 is amazing compared to the select mini. it is good-ish but go for the Ender 3

Avatar small By vermiis on Apr 04 2020
Good printer, low price

I bought it to introduce my kids to 3d printing, lots of fun with it, impressive print quality, considering the price.  You will have to fidget with it sometimes, replacing a broken strand  but overall, very easy to use.

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