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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
215 x 215 x 300
Layer Resolution
20-300 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
280° C
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Small img 20171224 191802 447 By druckpunkt3d on Feb 11 2018
Very good printer for semi-profesional use

I love my UM3E, it is the best printer I ever used yet. No fails and very good printing quality with all kinds of material I could test so far (ABS, PLA, PVA, PA12, TPU). Support is also very nice, the community is a good place to share experiences and inform about anything concerning 3D Printing with Ultimaker printers

If I had a lot more money I would buy an 3NTR to expand my workflow, but my Ultimaker will be still here for his lifetime... 

Small mwiki logo rund By meteoGRID on Jul 27 2018
Two extruder

I have done many 3D printing by using two color or two materials. I have done Mans Prints, using PVA as helper Material.

Avatar small By timothy.egoroff77 on Aug 24 2018
The Ultimaker 3 Extended is a Great all round printer, Great for sub-commercial and hobby.

I Greatly Appreciate the range of filaments that can be used in the printer, and also the Fantastic upgrades from the Ultimaker Store And '3D Solex'-(the reason why I chose the UM3 E, over Raise 3D), this allows for Quite Useful machine add-ons like the Ruby and sapphire Nozzles of various sizes, which in turn allow prolonged printing of course (professional) filaments such as Nylon X (Carbon fiber) filament & Layceramic filament...

I Do However dislike the WiFi and NFC technology integrated into the machine because of adverse health effects that result from long term electromagnetic pollution exposure resultant of these radio frequency and microwave frequency emissions, however that can be fixed by placing aluminium foil between you and the printer.

I would have also appreciated a larger build plate (eg. 400 mm X 400 mm X 500 mm) but that would lower total revenue, so the new machine roughly $10,000 AUD called the 'Ultimaker S5' partially makes up for this aspect, the money spent on the camera  NFC, and or WiFi should have been put into a dry-box so that the pva filament and other hygroscopic filaments would be protected and therefore usable.

All-round Smooth machine.

Avatar small By Enrique Martinez2 on Jan 03 2019
indisputable the best

Undoubtedly, the best equipment quality price.

Avatar small By 3DMART三帝瑪 on Feb 12 2019
Good machine is worth recommending


Avatar small By steve.INSERM on Nov 18 2019
Good printer !

It is a good enough reliable printer. The only problem is in the calibration of the x / y which is not simple. It is mandatory to add a hood. The printer must be placed in a space where the temperature is stable. The price remains quite high.

Avatar small By Timothy Egoroff on Mar 30 2020
fantastic build quality, highly accurate.

A great range of accessories, at a price... replacement nozzles $190 AUD.

However 3D Solex.com  Makes this Printer even better with a very important print core accessory with nozzles capable of 0.25 to 1.2mm extrusion diameter.

unfortunately it must be supervised during printing as many prints have come loose during printing even when using osmer glue and polyimide tape, adhesion is most important, 

ABS as always is sad to print with, The polycarbonate, polypropylene and PETG filaments are my personal favorites for this printer.

Avatar small By Bugster911 on Mar 31 2020
Good printer but still very expensive...

Good printer but still very expensive...

Avatar small By Henry Lar on Jun 27 2020

cool about 10•\• of prints fail I do recommend this printer it is a fun way to make your imagination come to life 

Avatar small By nasser_fan on Jul 29 2020
I have been using it for two years now - the printer is great! I recommend it to beginners and quite advanced in 3D printing!

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