Ultimaker 3

96% Recommended

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
215 x 215 x 200
Layer Resolution
300 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
280° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By chiriplock on Jan 28 2019
DO check the 110/220v switch before you turn it on

quite sturdy, it survived a 6000 km trip, a bit noisy and a whole lot of fun, recommended

Avatar small By [email protected] on Jun 09 2019
Ultimaker 3 is awesome.

ultimaker gives you access to many types of material. I’ve printed with poly carbonate, ABS, Nylon, wood and PLA, and i’m Always discovering new materials to play with. The duel nozzle allows use of a support, or printing with two different materials or colors. The cura software is first rate and really allows you to have control over everything, or for the most part fully automated. While the ultimaker filaments are awesome with their rf tags which enumerates to cura what filaments are loaded in the printer, they also make it easy to use 3rd party filaments providing many cura templates that are tuned for these filaments to print on the ultimaker. 

Support is pretty good  and I do like the changeable/modular print cores which allow you to use even more materials  

The printer is very expandable and reliable  highly recommend the ultimaker 3  Tiki God printed with ultimaker 3, using wood filament and stained.

Avatar small By LexMaker on Jun 10 2019
initial thoughts

Honestly, this is my first encounter with 3D printing, and I find this device to be sorely overpriced (yet capable).  Grain of salt rule applies here, most of my opinions have been gleaned from research rather than experience.  There are however some obvious design flaws, such as the leads which connect to the print head to provide capacitance for the automatic levelling are placed in such a manner as to facilitate bending right at the solder joint, which leads to breaking.   The enclosure  is pointless as it doesn't provide a full wrap, negating (mostly) heat retention attempts. prices for parts (such as the nozzles) are comparable to the price for an entire printer; simply adding 0.4mm nozzles is just shy of an entire creatality printer. I've given a thumbs up, but unless you are interested in something that is almost good, I would give this a pass.

Avatar small By Jacob Brown2 on Oct 30 2019

my printer was horrible

Small site icon By Printingverse on Jan 26 2020
Ultimaker 3 review

I think its a really good printer that prints quickly and well. 

Small insta flexon logo By John Huppertz on Feb 04 2020
my first 3d printer
As far as I have already printed, everything looks very good. however, the support should be more robust. the printhead came up against the support and luckily I was there to save it. I have been able to make some accessories for the home in a short time.
Avatar small By lujanciavattini on May 19 2020

Muy practica, funcional, economica

Avatar small By florindtru2002 on May 20 2020

I used for easy parts. Next week i will try other parts type, more complicated. 

Avatar small By marco.canton on Jun 25 2020
I'm stunned facing the best printer 3d of the world.

The most expensive 3D printer here in Brazil, at least 5 x.  Ease of operation and print quality justify the investment.  After sales are top notch. For now I'm learning all the features of the printer, but I'm already ecstatic with the quality.

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