Ultimaker 3

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
215 x 215 x 200
Layer Resolution
300 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
280° C
Open Source

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Small 17629729 180316079152038 7301017659365876001 n By Michael Trestka on May 01 2017
Just plug in and play

super easy to use this printer just upload your print and your ready to go. No need to tweek or calibrate anything out of box. It's a bit expensive but that's what you get for superior built quality and easy of use

Avatar small By samgatley on May 30 2017
Just Works

This is the best 3d printer I have ever used. I work in a lab with a Lulzbot Taz 6, a BCN3D Sigma, and a Makerbot Replicator 2 as well. The Ultimaker 3 is definitely my favorite-- although the Taz 6 is a close second. I learned about 3d Printing on an Ultimaker 2, so I was extremely familiar with the machine as soon as I unboxed it. I am confident however that it should be easy for anyone to just start printing with. Every print I have attempted has turned out perfect, including some using PVA that would be unprintable without water soluble support.

Small tomas vit 2011 bw mymoustache net 600x600 By Tom Vít on May 30 2017
Precise dual extrusion choice for professionals

High quality FFF 3D printing based on precise Ultimaker 2+, but with clever modular printing head with two PrintCores. Despite some small annoyances like both spools on one holder on the back side, the printer is ready for long and reliable printing.  The attractive choice is the combination of main material and suluble supports from PVA. Higher price is balanced by quality and seamless user experience. 

Small trideus logo tag web color vert darkbg By Trideus bvba on May 31 2017
Reliable in every way

The Ultimaker 3 is one of the most reliable 3D printers on the market. With the changeable nozzles and assisted bed leveling, it even improves the ease of use.

Avatar small By up3d on Jan 02 2018
excellent learning curve

En solo dos meses pude hacer muy buenas impresiones

Small nikola simpson 50 By nikola.vuckovic on Jan 06 2018
UM3 is the best

Every time I am surprised with a printing quality. I did have several errors, three, and I was a reason every time. Machine didn't failure, not a ones. Printing speed is only fault, but I understand reasons. 

Every recognition.

Avatar small By [email protected] on Apr 09 2018
Well designed work horse.

Very easy to use printer. Good results.

Avatar small By EPacheco on Apr 22 2018

in my opinion, theres a lot of cool features on an Ultimaker 3 (print quality, print speed,material flexibility, good hardware are examples ), but the one i like mostI really like the fact that the ultimaker 3 is really reliable, i can just print and go somewhere else and forget about it until the print is done.

Avatar small By Oscar Chagolla on Jul 06 2018
Es buena maquina

La calidad de las capas y adherencia son muy buenas al igual que las dimensiones de las piezas salen muy bien

Small jtronics quadrokopter 10 By jtronics.de on Oct 27 2018
Top 3D Printer

I could recommend this printer! Much better than Ultimaker 2

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