Original Prusa I3 MK2

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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
250 x 210 x 200
Layer Resolution
No data
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Flex, Composite, PET, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
280° C
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Avatar small By clayton_coldewey on Feb 08 2018
Prusa i3 MK2s RULES!!

This was my first printer and it made me feel like a pro right out of the box. I have had a lot of fun printing and I am still learning.

Avatar small By Jorge Molina on Feb 21 2018
Best purchase of 2017

6 months in,  whenever something goes wrong, I know it is not my printer, but something I did wrong or a poor filament.      Amazing quality and consistency for the price, decent speed and build volume, and ability to handle different materials quite well..

Printed a thin wall large RC airplane ( 1.7 M wingspan) on 9 successive days, without a single problem!

I have tried some 3dprinters before and it was always a coin toss to find if you would be looking at a finished piece or a mess of molten filament...  Not with the Prusa

Only missing for me is to be able to see the estimated remaining time.    This is curiously not provided in the interface.        Ultrasoft flex material does not feed well, but there are few printers that can handle it.

When doing the assembly, make sure to follow the instructions very carefully.  (Kit form).   They are well described, but you could go wrong if you are not careful in the assembly sequence.... 

Autoleveling works like magic

Fully reccommended

Small 24129518 1525069214235272 6478070067376767710 n By colin_200 on Mar 05 2018
Easily best printer under 1000 always pushing for new features.

I bought a printrbot in 2012 and the struggle is real. It was 90% tinkering and 10% printing rarely successful. In 2017 I got a i3 mk2 and omg what a difference 5 years made to this technology. Auto bed leveling is a godsend for me. The prusa version slicer software is spot on for quick printing out of the box. Only problem I had so far was clogged nozzle caused by a rogue hair from my girlfriends head which took a couple days to figure out why I was under-extruding. And now one year later the mk3 is out and I get that feeling that apple owners get when a new iphone is out a year after buying theirs. *Sigh* Maybe i should hold out for the mk3s or mk4...

Avatar small By redleader1966 on Mar 09 2018
Best printer under 1000

If you want a cost effective, reliable 3D printer for under 1000, just get a Prusa i3. The mk2s is still a great printer for the money but if you can afford it, buy the mk3.

Avatar small By patrickjquinlan on Mar 18 2018
The original MK3 From Joseph Prusa

Really wanted a Ultimaker however my budget was limited by a circumstance beyond my control. 

I picked up a China made copy and it was  useless. Spent more time repairing it to make it work than printing.

The genuine Prusa Kit  arrived and I set to work assembling it . Less than  eight hours later I had a wonderful working printer.

Its calibration was amazing and it’s first print was Adalinda ! Straight off the workbench it has printed well.

Better to buy a good workhorse and spend time designing rather than fighting a China made clone with dangerous exposed  electrical parts .

Spent lots of time designing stuff for my models . It’s provided a good positive  way of focusing  energy in a good way. 

If you buy a Genuine Prusa you can get almost all your money back when you upgrade to the Dutch  ultimaker 

Avatar small By Eddie Johnson1 on Mar 24 2018
Top quality Product MK3, still waiting on the 4 color kit to be delivered

This is a so far so good report, I've printed about 40 hours of prints so far without a hitch.  I bought the fully assembled product and I only had to do calibrations to get it setup for prints.  I was up and running in about 1 hour after opening the box, there was a little learning curve on calibration but after that it has been running flawlessly even with a power outage.  It picked right back up.  Very happy with the product thus far.  

Avatar small By tomtdl on Mar 30 2018
Second one

I bought I bought one of these four months ago. I loved it so much I bought another. This time it was built by prusa.   right out of the box it made a perfect print in each one since has been the same.   wish I could get a replacement for the metal spring steel plate hope they are available soon

Avatar small By wim.koolstra on Apr 10 2018
Good product, works fine, nice looking

I have the kit and made it my self the book that was included with the kit was good but i found that de online manuel was bether, for the rest great experiance to make the printer.

Avatar small By Alfred Broda on May 15 2018
Great build, easy to use

A good starter kit printer - didn't have much trouble putting it together or calibrating, and the prints are consistently good quality. New firmware is stable and released quite often, often offering new functionality or performance increases. Slic3r PE may not be the easiest software to master (and has it's quirks), but provides a lot of features.

Small logo2 By Lunchbag 15 on Oct 17 2018
My review of my prusa i3 MK2S kit

Very easy to use and user friendly, and I actually like troubleshooting it because I got is as a kit and I know where everything thing. Built very well

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