Original Prusa I3 MK2

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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
250 x 210 x 200
Layer Resolution
No data
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Flex, Composite, PET, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
280° C
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Avatar small By g_molina on Dec 16 2017
Original Prusa Mk2 to Mk3 are the best.

since around of 2 years i working with this equipment and i dont have  problems.

the printer is chip compared with others brands, we can used any Brand of filaments, print all materials and if you combinate the prusa with Olsson ruby, this printer is powerful because dont need careful for the good print of materials and problems with the nozzle.

The best printer!

Avatar small By Tim Ardan on Dec 21 2017
All around great printer

Bought mine as a kit. Directions were ridiculously good. Just like building a Lego set. Worth every penny. Replacement parts are readily available. Tons of info and help available as this is a very popular printer. This is absolutely the way to go. My only complaint is it looks like upgrading the firmware through Linux is a bit complicated. That said, it looks doable as long as you follow instructions.

Avatar small By wagjorsd on Jan 04 2018
Not always perfect

First of all, this is a kit printer. It was my first personal 3d printer. I had had some experience with my high school's stratasys fortus 250mc, so I knew my way around 3d printing in general. Assembling the kit wasn't difficult, but I feel you should have a bit of a mechanical/computer inclination to mess with assembling/calibrating/operating such a bare and raw printer.



Open source

Replacement parts

Print volume

There are certain issues I have with the machine, but they aren't anything that can't be fixed with a little tweaking. 

I would definitely recommend getting a prusa/anet/any kit printer as a first 3d printer. There is a learning curve, but you will know so much more about the workings of the machine than if you simply buy a factory built, factory leveled, ready to go machine.

Avatar small By john harris on Jan 13 2018
Easy !!

The Auto leveling, Pei hot bed & excellent software make this the perfect mahine for beginner or pro

Small img 0209a By elmirze on Jan 19 2018
Kit printer

It is really super printer!!! 

Avatar small By chemado chema on Jan 22 2018
Don't go cheaper, this is a winer horse!

I've bought it more than a year ago. I've made somre updates, the big one te "The bear update", but I can say that prints almost perfect out of the box. And beafore some adjustment it's a ten.

Avatar small By John Lambert on Jan 25 2018
I love my Prusa Mk2S

Built from a kit and as long as you follow the instructions you'll be fine, some things in the design may have been improved to aid in the build for the price you pay, great support community as JP very proactive with the group, printing quality is on par with more expensive printers.

Avatar small By bill.ellis on Feb 01 2018
Building the kit is great fun!

Great printer, very easy to use.  They thought of everything!

Avatar small By clayton_coldewey on Feb 08 2018
Prusa i3 MK2s RULES!!

This was my first printer and it made me feel like a pro right out of the box. I have had a lot of fun printing and I am still learning.

Avatar small By Jorge Molina on Feb 21 2018
Best purchase of 2017

6 months in,  whenever something goes wrong, I know it is not my printer, but something I did wrong or a poor filament.      Amazing quality and consistency for the price, decent speed and build volume, and ability to handle different materials quite well..

Printed a thin wall large RC airplane ( 1.7 M wingspan) on 9 successive days, without a single problem!

I have tried some 3dprinters before and it was always a coin toss to find if you would be looking at a finished piece or a mess of molten filament...  Not with the Prusa

Only missing for me is to be able to see the estimated remaining time.    This is curiously not provided in the interface.        Ultrasoft flex material does not feed well, but there are few printers that can handle it.

When doing the assembly, make sure to follow the instructions very carefully.  (Kit form).   They are well described, but you could go wrong if you are not careful in the assembly sequence.... 

Autoleveling works like magic

Fully reccommended

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