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Small 487048 456808661022191 1965449171 n By fordfairlane on Nov 04 2016
Good printer for the money, custumer suport by email is good.

To be ownest it is a good printer but I put 1 printhead out of order and got it about 2mm higher then the second. Why??? I use the printer as a single extruder most of the time and that works wonderfull. I had to adjust the printplate to many times because 1 extruder was most of the time ruining the print. I did not use dual action so I desided to put 1 extruder up and have it as spare always there.

Small xyzdotclub square By XYZdotCLUB on Feb 01 2017
One of the better printers in the lower price range

I've been using the Wanhao 4S since 2015, after unboxing and calibration I had excellent dual extruder prints for about 500 hours. After this I had to change the inner lining of both extruders as they were clogging over and over.

Since then I've had another 1000 hours of great printing. 

All in all a great printer to start your advanced 3D printing adventure for less than 1K. 

Small banner.5 By Arif Sethi on Jul 09 2017
Great Value, Mods Options to enhance capability

Amazing little printer, with right upgrades to hardware it can compete on quality and reliability with any expensive printer out there. 

we modified ours with Extruder, builtplate metal arms, filament cooling fan etc. and it produce better quality than Makerbot. 

great printer for tinkeres

Avatar small By Torben Madsen on Mar 29 2020
i quickly chose a different slicer. I haven’t tried to contact the supplier. I didn’t pay for it as it was payment for me helping a friend.

I like it. 

It is generally a really nice printer. However it could benefit from cooling fans for the nozzles, fixation for the top inclosure and a better system for leveling the print bed (mechanical). also a bigger print volume could sometimes be nice, yet most of what I print fits fine on the bed. 

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