BCN3D Sigma

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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
297 x 210 x 210
Layer Resolution
50-350 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, Flexible, Composites, PETG
Maximum Temperature
300° C
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Small 1798792 10202539800768090 1973521621 n By jurjen_eisink on May 31 2017
Fast, large and with a good quality

One of the few options available when looking for a large build size, dual extrusion and good quality.  Perfect results in combination with Simplify3D, which is unfortunately not included in the purchase. When using Cura, quality and speed is not optimal. 

Avatar small By bob.roz on Jul 11 2017
Not Happy with Machine quality of print is not that good

My biggest gripe is the Firmware - Buggy - lets face it its a dual head machine and it crashes when unloading the filament on the Right Head  MM and how long has this been on the Market.  Also getting the Z height right is a pain, and on the last Note it is supposed to connect to Windows 10 well it fails abysmally , even the drivers you get from them.. UM2 just connects, if I use there drivers on a windows 7 machine no problem. windows 7 is going out of support,

Avatar small By Arnold N on Jul 16 2017
BCN3D Sigma

Without a doubt thus far, one of the best 3d printers out. I've used cel-robox, xyz davinci aio and pro, very nice machines for hobbyist, but if you want something you can rely on over and over than the Sigma is the one. The Sigma is right up there with the Ultimaker line if not surpasses. I can't say anything bad about the Ultimaker 3d printers, but I do know they tested side by side and the Sigma can beat them in print times and the quality is even. The only thing I wish the Sigma had was WiFi capabilities and an app for the cell phone, to watch over it. With this said, the reliability is well enough, that you don't need to babysit it. Now that Octopi by OctoPrint is available the wifi problem is solved. Great Printer

Avatar small By Fabio M. Palmini Andrés on Jun 15 2018
Sigma / SigmaX

Like everything else in life nothing is perfect, but you can get really good results once you get to know the machine. I mean really, really good quailty prints. 

The main downside is the calibration is very susceptible to human error which is something we're working on improving. Aside from this the printer is very flexible and capable of things most costumer aren't aware of (plus new funtionalities we're including on the next release). 

We're countiniously developing and improving our 3D printers to provide the end user with a better printing experience, workflow, as well as a more robust and reliable machine

Small engaging tiger cartoon images 7 vector 726744 coloring pages By GrowlTiger on Aug 12 2018
Thumbs Up for the BCN3D Sigma

I love this machine.

I've used several different FDM machines at work, so have a little experience with Makerbots and Chinese implementations of the robust Ultimaker design.

The Sigma (R16), however is in a class of it's own.

So what do I like about this machine:

- The IDEX system works well to reduce the mass (and vibration ) of a more weighty head.

- The latest version of BCN's implementation of the tried and tested Cura software is truly excellent. Use it out of the box ,or tweak the devil out of it, it's all you need. 

- The touch screen menus and interface get better with each firmware iteration

- The swap in swap out hotends, while not a slick as the Makerbot 5th Gen Smart Head, make changing nozzle sizes fast and convenient enough.

- The all welded aluminium cabinet/frame is rigid yet light.

- It looks great.

What don't I like:

- It's a noisy beast. However I haven't yet done the two recommended hardware upgrades yet.

- Other than that, there's not really anything that isn't common to all FDM machines

What would I like to see in the future:

- How about a couple of cable chains rather than those clumsy flat ribbons hanging from the bowden tubes?

Regarding community support; I just haven't had the need. There was a bit of an issue with the USB interface when I first fired it up. No one seemed to know how to fix that. However a subsequent firmware upgrade fixed the problem.

Nothing is perfect, but overall, this is a really great machine.

Avatar small By edarder1973 on Apr 11 2020
BNC Sigma19

Me gusta mucho esta impresora,  esta claro que no es una impresora de bajo coste, aun así, me parece muy sencilla su utilización si eres un usuario que esta iniciándose con la impresión 3D. Saca unas impresiones de muy buena calidad y el tener dos extrusores que trabajan tanto independientes como en copia o mirror, hace que se muy versátil. Ademas la casa BNC ha secado los planos de la maquina en abierto, eso es un aliciente más.

Small y3 By carleslluisar on May 10 2020
Es lo que necesito, y lo que necesitaba

Empecé a inventar las púas nido con tijera, plástico, y una pistola de de poliester en barras. Hasta que compré la impresora BCN3D Sigma R19 después de gastarme un dineral en troqueles y una prensa hidráulica. Esta impresora me ha facilitado tanto usarla para imprimir todas mis ideas y diseños de púas nido . Al necesitar dos materiales diferentes. (Plástico para la Púa y Goma para el Nido.

Small juanjo tuenti 07 By jjchacon on Jun 11 2020
A robust printer with a large printing area and a very versatile double-head IDEX system.

A robust printer with a large printing area and a very versatile double-head IDEX system.

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