BCN3D Sigma

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
297 x 210 x 210
Layer Resolution
50-350 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, Flexible, Composites, PETG
Maximum Temperature
300° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By Jim Betsinger on Dec 07 2016
BCN3D Sigma

I've had this printer for 2 months.  I have printed around 3 spools of material through it.  This printer has exceeded my expectations in almost every way.

Some things to watch out for.  The glass build surface is fragile.  The nozzles are not 100% interchangeable with E3D nozzles, and they are fragile as well.  I have switched over to E3D hotends and Bondtech extruders on this machine.  Not because there were any issues in particular, but just because I wanted the most trouble free system I could get.  Adding these upgrades did that for me.

Small 15032894 10211315141301140 9095866409642696779 n By phong_le on Dec 25 2016
A great printer

This is a printer worth getting the volume is great and the details on the model comes out perfect. Only issues I've had is filaments with it but thats calibration.

Small 1383456 210299125807812 1491974379 n By fabrizio_guarisco on Apr 07 2017
Stable and precise machine

Machine is very precise with 2 indipendents extruder.

Simple guided calibration

Small img 2961 By rashid_al haqbany on May 30 2017
Amazing Printer

BCN 3D is great printer, the body is high quality, works great print is with clean details, see some of my prints in instagram or download  some of my designs in pinshope

Avatar small By olivier.rey on May 31 2017
A reliable machine wigh good repeatitivity.

Use with various materials. The extruders are accurate and very versatile.

Small trideus logo tag web color vert darkbg By Trideus bvba on May 31 2017
A real workhorse

The BCN3D Sigma R17 is not only very reliable, it is a real workhorse that offers you limitless potential.

Small 1798792 10202539800768090 1973521621 n By jurjen_eisink on May 31 2017
Fast, large and with a good quality

One of the few options available when looking for a large build size, dual extrusion and good quality.  Perfect results in combination with Simplify3D, which is unfortunately not included in the purchase. When using Cura, quality and speed is not optimal. 

Avatar small By bob.roz on Jul 11 2017
Not Happy with Machine quality of print is not that good

My biggest gripe is the Firmware - Buggy - lets face it its a dual head machine and it crashes when unloading the filament on the Right Head  MM and how long has this been on the Market.  Also getting the Z height right is a pain, and on the last Note it is supposed to connect to Windows 10 well it fails abysmally , even the drivers you get from them.. UM2 just connects, if I use there drivers on a windows 7 machine no problem. windows 7 is going out of support,

Avatar small By Arnold N on Jul 16 2017
BCN3D Sigma

Without a doubt thus far, one of the best 3d printers out. I've used cel-robox, xyz davinci aio and pro, very nice machines for hobbyist, but if you want something you can rely on over and over than the Sigma is the one. The Sigma is right up there with the Ultimaker line if not surpasses. I can't say anything bad about the Ultimaker 3d printers, but I do know they tested side by side and the Sigma can beat them in print times and the quality is even. The only thing I wish the Sigma had was WiFi capabilities and an app for the cell phone, to watch over it. With this said, the reliability is well enough, that you don't need to babysit it. Now that Octopi by OctoPrint is available the wifi problem is solved. Great Printer

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