Ultimaker 2+

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The Ultimaker 2+ is a updated version of the Ultimaker 2 and has replaced the original version. This is a fairly plug and play 3D printer with an easy to use interface. It comes with a heated build plate and can use a variety of 3D printing materials.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
223 x 223 x 205
Layer Resolution
20-300 microns
Material Types
ABS,PLA. PET, Nylon, Flexible
Maximum Temperature
260° C
Open Source

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Print Quality
Ease of Use
Build Quality
Success Rate
Running Expenses
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Ultimaker 2+ Prints 112

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Long Reach Laundry Scoop
Pin ironman
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Iron Man Mark 7
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Batman Cowl
Pin blade main
Small me sml 2 Small me sml 2 D3 V!rum 3t M^ch!n^
Blade Typing Assistant
Pin img 1066
Small 3dscan Avatar small Ryder Sadlovsky
Voronoi Cactus
Pin colos
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Pin venus
Small 07      logo 8   Small 12072713 10153721537982318 6435201351908049978 n drone_vijf
Venus sculpture

32 Reviews

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Avatar small By dchapweske on Apr 16 2018
Good product, easy to use

We use  it with our students. Never any major problems, would recommend.

Avatar small By Sergio Perosanz Ramos on Jul 19 2018

If there is any failure, usually the failure is mine. Easy to use and good quality. 

Avatar small By mounir on Jul 29 2018
Easy and reliable

I started touse this kind of printer in a fablab, finaly I baught one. Very easy to use, just frustrated when I have to wait 10 or 20 hours to print a simple object.  

Small tigger By tiggerpenny on Jan 20 2019
The Ultimaker 2+ is a excellent Printer but somewhat overpriced.

 Very reliable, quite and easy to use with a high success rate. Considering  other printers on the market it is somewhat overpriced when compared to the offered features. The software CURA is excellent and extensive but is not unique to the Ultimaker.

Avatar small By stuart.bunt on Jun 16 2019
A steep learning curve but reliable once you are familiar with the tricks and quirks of the printer

The fibre feed can get stuck, the way the filament comes off the spool could be improved.  If the nozzle is clogged a good hotplate and fine wire is better to clear it than the methods suggested online.

It is well built and can make good prints but needs to be watched in case it gets blocked or the filament hangs up.

Avatar small By jdiebley on Mar 31 2020
Ultimaker 2+


I am a teacher with six Ultimakers 2+ in my room. I oversee 9 of these printers and upgraded two from regular version 2 to 2+. These printers are professional quality. I have literally thousands of print time, and run time on these printers with students and they are still printing like a champ! Before purchasing these printers, I tested other less expensive brands. While some printed well, I discovered in our air conditioned classrooms that the humidity affects the prints and whether they stick to the build plate.  We paid the extra money for heated beds, enclosures, and we couldn't be happier. We have had them serviced after two years but honestly, these printers are very robust indeed. If you have the budget, go with these quality printers. I had a printing issue, I posted it to the large Ultimaker community and we were able to get the issue figured out. The open source community of people using these printers were fantastic!

Avatar small By miskovicr1 on Dec 02 2020
awesome results from a newbie

I started 3ding to help with ppe needs in the neighboring villages.  It's amazing what I've been able to achieve.  I've had some messes, but this machine has been very forgiving and the customer support has been exceptional let alone timely and understandable.  The  Ultimaker 2+ was a little more expensive, but seriously worth the money. 

Avatar small By Michael Schwenger1 on Jan 20 2021
Ultimaker 2+

I have upgraded the 3d  Ultimaker 2 printer a while ago to be compatible to a 2+ which really made a difference. The printer works well for my little inventions. 

Avatar small By sky94680 on Feb 08 2021
Ultimaker 2+ review

i've made a lot of prototypes with this little printer and each time the result was good enough. The main problems are always the settings for the filament used. When these are nice, the results are very good. The basic principle when design a piece to run on this model would be to think about the max 45° curve in order to avoid the supports which are not easy to manage with Cura.  Thebest filament I've ever used is the ICE ASA-X with 100°C bed temp and 245°C extrusion temp with anything more on the glass because the warping is null.

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