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Propeller Toy
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Small untitled design  1 Avatar small ilsoon Choi
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Yogi People
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Big Wasp
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Miniature PCB

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Avatar small By Garrett Hamilton on Mar 01 2017
Cubicon Single Review

I am a CTS and makerspace teacher at a small rural high school and recently received the Cubicon from the school division. We have had it for 2 months and have used it heavily.  It is easy for the students to use and has worked well so far, with pretty regular daily usage.

Small mskanber 2 By 3dmaniac on Apr 12 2017
Very good printer, high quality material, close case design..

Automatic leveling, plate and extruder and printing environment are heated well.. ABS, PLA all kinds of materials can be used for printing, you can reach me for more info

Avatar small By Rogue Trooper on Sep 02 2018
An amazing printer.

I actually can't believe I own such a great printer. 

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