Hephestos 2

by BQ
88% Recommended


Hephestos 2 is BQ's second DIY printer based on the Prusa i3 and is one of the most popular models in the RepRap community. They have evolved this version with a new metallic design, making it more stable and more stylish, and offering professional results while maintaining the maker spirit.This machine can be assembled in under two hours.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
210 x 297 x 220
Layer Resolution
50-300 microns
Material Types
PLA, Wood-filled, Metal-filled, Flexible
Maximum Temperature
240° C
Open Source

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Small 1000639 1275190582507440 6117038347161085125 n By armory_sisko on Dec 16 2016
Ideal for Beginners and above

This is my first Printer i ever got, so there is not much i can tell about differences to other printers.

BQ has it´s HQ in Spain, so i thought the regular things like "can they build a good printer?" and "maybe i should buy from another label?". Those thoughts where eliminated after a few prints.

It is a very good printer, but you need either adhesive sprays for the glass surface, a printing plate like BuildTak or BlueTape / Painter´s Tape.

I used BlueTape the most time, but i think i need to change to another Label, i can´t print without a Raft on 3M Bluetape. I had another one from Alfa and there it works without a Raft.

The printer is build up in a few hours, but needs a few tweaks at the cable tree, like removing the tape around the openings, so it is more flexible and removing some of the clips on the bottom, so you have more length for connecting the cables to the mainboard.

The cables from the cable tree are all marked and the other ones are easy to identify from the manual (wich is also very great writen / designed and easy to understand!)

All you need to build the printer is already provided in the Package.

What the Maintaince belongs, there is not much to say. I just had to grease the threads a little with silicone grease, because they made a very loud noise, after greasing, it was gone. I greased also the rods, where the linear bearings run (under the print plate).

So not much to do to hold the printer in a good state.

The Offset Setup is also very easy to do, you need to do this anyway after starting it the first time. First, the printer sets the print surface, then checks the print plate at different points with the Sensor. After that, you are asked to set the Offset manual. I recommend to use a Flashlight or Spotlight on one side if you use painters tape, you can see where the nozzle touches the bed much better.

Without the tape, you can´t really see when the nozzle touches the plate, so this is a little negative point, but nothing serious. With some tricks you can set it right. I would have build in an automatic sensor for this one too, like other printers have it, wouldn´t made much more work like the inductive Sensor.

If you print flexible filament, you need to do it on the glass plate.

The only thing you need to do sometimes is, to change the PTFE Tube in the Hotend. But that is not showed in the manual. But since the Extruder is a very very very easy to understand Hardware after you disassembled it one time (like i did, because some filaments made a curious noise. At the end i didn´t find any thing of error, i just had to set the temperature higher, wasn´t filament from bq).

To change the PTFE Tube, you remove the little left fan, and there is a locking screw for the Hotend. Be sure to unplug booth cables first and also remove the filament first and wait till it cooled down.

Remove the Hotend, change the Tube (watch the direction, there is a note at the spare tubes in the package where up and down is), install it in the Extruder again, screw it tight and install the Fan again and plug the cables in again.

If you are sure you can do it without unplug the cables, then do it, but take care at this point, because the Temperature Sensor has very thin cables.

So, the only real negative thing i can say about this printer, is the frame. It could be made a little stronger with reinforced steel bars, because the frame woobles a little sometimes at fast print sections, but i never discovered any errors in the prints at all, so...just ignore it.

Some made already a few mods for it, but you don´t really need them.

Small 10629804 185877515080067 1429774673342029952 n By milton_taylor on Jun 27 2017
good Qlty-Price!!!

Matanga dijo la changa!!!!

Small image004 By Ricardo Mena on Oct 11 2017
Es mi primera impresora

Es facil de utilizar, hemos obtenido buenos resultados y mejoran cada día más.

Avatar small By evgbourd on Oct 14 2017
Easy to use reliable and rather expensive

Well, just like the title says. The build is good. The quality if decent Very easy to use and setup ( You have to built it, so its not for everybody ). The bad con is the initial price which is rather high. Other than that recommended!

Avatar small By Volubill on Dec 23 2017
A very good printer

A very good printer. 

A real pleasure to build this printer and the quality of the print is very good after finding the right settings.

Small captura de pantalla 2018 09 10 13.33.19 By Bohemianwolf on Sep 05 2019
Buena para empezar.

Es mi primera impresora y con ella fue fácil comenzar en el mundo de la impresión.

Avatar small By Ricardo Nunes22 on Nov 13 2019
BQ Hephestos 2

Eu tenho uma impressora BQ Hephestos 2 com quase 2 anos. A impressora foi montada por mim vinha bem embalada sem nada a apontar no que toca ao manual de instruções. É um kit de fácil montagem mas que demora ainda algum tempo para quem não tem experiência.  A qualidade de impressão deixa muito a desejar no que toca à qualidade da primeira camada de material e à impressão em si.

Como já mencionei a impressora tem menos de 2 anos e tive de a mandar em maio para reparação. A impressora não conseguia calibrar os 9 pontos da base e dava erro no inicio da impressão. A impressora foi enviada para a BQ que assim que chegou disse que a impressora não estava montada e iriam cobrar uma quantia para a montagem da mesma. Este foi o primeiro problema que depois de falar com a marca tratou se de uma falha de comunicação, pois a impressora estava montada. Passado semanas recebo email a dizer que o problema eram os cabos e o hot-end que iriam ser substituídos... depois de ter pago uma exagerada quantia iniciaram a reparação e mês depois recebi a impressora só não enviaram tubos de PTFE com o hot-end novo.

A impressora veio embalada de uma forma não muito correta e pouco protegida e com falhas de tinta ao longo da estrutura. Desde esse dia  até hoje que não funcionou em condições o problema continua igual calibra mal os 9 pontos na cama e quando vai a imprimir extrude mais plástico de um lado da cama do que do outro e de uma maneira muito uniforme.  Já entrei em contacto com a marca que depois de enviar fotos e informado que já tentei fazer todos os procedimentos básicos de resolução de problemas e mesmo assim não funciona, demoraram mais de uma semana para me recomendar a fazer o mesmo(o que mostra que não leram os emails que enviei) e dizendo que a maquina saiu da fabrica a funcionar corretamente o que é possível comprovar o contrario nas peças de teste que me enviaram e se encontram em minha posse com defeitos na primeira camada de plástico! 

Por isso, não recomendo esta impressora nem nenhum produto da marca BQ pois existe uma enorme falta de assistência e profissionalismo por parte da marca em deixarem sair um produto a funcionar mal de reparação, não darem assistência  e cobrarem um preço exagerado a um produto "supostamente" em garantia! Também não recomendo pelo preço/qualidade da mesma que por aquilo que inclui não justifica.  Alguma informação adicional da maquina contactem.

Small img 1823 By Maess on Dec 06 2019
Not for beginners

the bed leveling is pretty useful when you got the hang of it and the printquality is also Pretty good. The main flaw with this Printer is the bed instability. thats the reason why most of the prints will not stick to the bed. but you can fix this Problem with some minor reconstruction on the base of the Printer.i have this mashine now for over 2 years and its still working fine. If you are a little bit of a tinkerer then you gonna have a good time with this Printer but if you are a beginner in 3D printing stay away from this mashine.

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