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This version of the Prusa I3 was created by Greentech and is one of the more affordable 3D printers on the market. The frame is made of laser cut acrylic frame which isn't as sturdy as more expensive steel frame alternatives. This printer may require some tinkering so is an appropriate choice for any Makers looking for a printer they can tweak and upgrade.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
200 x 200 x 170
Layer Resolution
100 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
260° C
Open Source
Closed Hardware

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Avatar small By BigBorg on Apr 08 2018
For the one that has some hardware knowledge

My Geeetech prusa like (I3 proB - acrilic) is a delight. It came as a kit and after several hours of assembly (spanned over 2 days) I was intrigued that the axis did not moved - only X was homing and that was all. The geek kicked in and I switching connectors for motors and finally I have got X and Z homing but not Y so checking the stepper driver I was surprised to found that one pin was bent and after that - Eurika. My first print was a part for a spring operated car and despite everything it turned to be a functional, beautiful piece. The printer requires slow printing speed - 40mm/s for 0.4 up to 0.2 mm layers. 0.1 mm layers need 20 to 30mm/s and a fine nozzle (0.2max). The original printer head leaked during first print so I tried to fix this but I have broke it and ordered additional parts. After 2 weeks the extruder skipped steps during extrusion process so I had to add some reinforcements to the tension spring (2 washers). Now I can say it is OK - so as I do said you need to take the matter in your own hand, search the net and the Geeetech support forum and the printer is a joy (plus - it has metal parts on X axis and you can always print plastic ones with additional features ....)

Avatar small By Mindaugas Slavikas on Aug 06 2018
My first 3D printer

Its my first 3D printer.  I was frustrated at the beginning of my choice. However, I found a lot of tips and information for this printer.  Now I've come up with my printer, and that's awesome :)

Avatar small By AITec Services on Feb 13 2019
Not a terrible printer but...

The price point for these printer kits are nice. We also don't mind building our own printers but some may find it a difficult job. The parts included with the printer were not correct and it required replacement parts to be shipped from China. Kind of a pain due to shipping times. We have a small print farm and this printer sits stationary while all the other makes and brands of printers run 24/7.  The printer also had Z banding issues that could not be cleared up. The fix was after market parts, a few printed parts and some custom firmware changes for the new Z rod thread pitch.

Avatar small By jafricot on Mar 23 2019
3rd hand i3 Pro x

I was given this printer for free by someone who bought it first hand. It was originally assembled incorrectly so I had to spend time putting things right. The community for this and similar printers is good and help is readily available. So far I have had mixed results with printing, Some things come out well and some things don't make it to the end of the print. I think this is a good printer to get into 3D printing with to learn how everything works if you don't mind adjusting things.

Avatar small By Niggy Burke on May 08 2019
My little Steam Engine.

I had one when I was a child.  A small, meths-burning Steam Engine that needed constant tweaking and knob-twiddling. It would sometimes run perfectly for a whole session but the next time , although unchanged, the settings just wouldn't quite cut it. 

My Geetech Prusa I3 Pro B is a bit like that.  It needs to be warmed up before the settings are correct, and it seems like even a change in the weather can affect it.  When it is dialled in though, it is actually a really good little printer. 

Mine is screwed directly to a heavy wooden table to stiffen the frame as much as I can, and I have replaced the threaded bars with lead screws. I also printed the usual replacement motor mounts and frame braces and added those. 

What I have now, I believe, is a match for some of the much more expensive models around. This altogether brilliant little kit has inspired me, and I'm sure many others, to  embrace the concept of 3D-Printing.

I would give it a solid 9.5 out of 10, with the half-point taken away for the time I spend with it instead of walking the dogs. 

Small pinshape avatar 1x By SantiMZ on Sep 02 2019
Nice and tough printer... that can became more than that with a bit of love!

Great printer for the price of that moment (Though if i had to go for a new printer now, I´d rather go for a Creality). With time pass, it needed a bit of maintenance and improvement.

Original bearings are pretty bad, should change those before 200 hs of use or so, ay least for X and Y axis. 

Original heatbed connectors also tend to fail, i've changed that for common "plug-in" screw terminal block connectors.


As for improvements/upgrades to achieve much more printing quality:

I have completely fixed the printer to the flat shelf where it lays with big cable ties (Highly recommend this, great ridgidity and estabilty improvement for this printer!)

 i`ve also changed the common M8 threaded rods of Z axis for  T Type Lead Screws and better quality Shaft Couplings for that threaded rods (Common Shaft couplings tend to bend with time and produce "wobbling" on outer shells of the printed object).



I never could make the PWM fan output work, I don´t know if it came broken or I broke it trying to connect a fan...


By now it already has 800 hours of printing (With the maintenance and Improvements mentioned above)

Avatar small By Paolo3000 on Oct 18 2019
Entry level 3D printer. Good cost/quality ratio.

The z axis bars and the extruder need improvement. It would be nice to add a fan cooling down the filament just extruded.

Avatar small By Matthias Krtsch on Jun 14 2020
Good choice if you plan to tinker yourself

The geeetech prusa i3 pro b is a fairly decent printer. I got the kit as a gift which costs now less than 200€. Out of the box, the printer is at least usable but with replacing some (to be honest, almost all) mechanical parts, it gets really good. I am very satisfied and don't want to miss it.

It's no comparison to a real prusa but for less than a fifth of its price you get what you pay. 

Avatar small By roberto espina on Aug 01 2020
Mi primera Impresora

Mi primera Impresora, muy conforme, es simple y económica, perfecta para el uso  domestico y diversión que le estoy dando..

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