Ultimaker 2

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The Ultimaker 2 is a high end FDM machine capable of producing great prints with minimal fuss. It was designed as part of the Open Source movement and comes with its own print software called Cura. It can print with a variety of different materials including PLA, ABS, and flexible TPU.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
230 x 220 x 200
Layer Resolution
20-300 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
260° C
Open Source

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Small amid 03 noborder 01 By 3D Print Tech Design on Oct 27 2016
Good and open-source. Can (if you put time to it) deliver amazing results

The Ultimaker 2 is for me a very good and solid machine that works well for most cases. It does however need to be upgraded with a better drive system (either 2+ kit or Bondtech) and a new hotend (2+ kit or just Olsson block to get the best results.

Small thumbnail img 0217 1 By DeathMachine on Nov 04 2016
3 months on less happy with it now.

after you buy the machine you need to do a $400 upgrade , half of it you don't need.  after their promise of a dual color upgrade never panned out very unhappy with them.  if you are only do PLA  you could be happy with it.  Thinking of selling mine and going with A DIFFERENT MACHINE.  I wouldn't even bother with their UM3 untell it's been out for a 6 months min. I bet they will drop some other $500 upgrade on people. 

Small profile By jakejake on Jun 25 2017
I would only recommend if you can 3d model and know you will get a lot of use out of it, lots of $$$

I wrote in depth about my experience with the 3D printer here:


Avatar small By Rabia Miray Kurt on May 06 2018


Avatar small By Angus McIntosh on May 12 2018
Awesome printer for a school

The one I have been using with students  has approximately 300 hours or so of print time on it this year, and it just keeps on going without problems. Awesome unit!

Avatar small By YouryDW on Dec 29 2019
AN amazing 3D printer, but it comes with a premium price tag

It is one of the premium brands, you feel it when you use it, it all just 'works'. The materials are premium, the parts are expensive to replace, The community however was one of the first and thus big and really made out of makers.

Fact is that you can still upgrade the printer further if you want to invest in it.

I had to print a top cover for the print head to make sure I stopped dropping the clip in it, apart from that it is a great printer out of the box.

What I do miss on this model is WiFi to monitor the current print without the need of attaching the computer by USB.

Avatar small By ljp1971 on Mar 27 2020
Muy buena

Muy buena pero dificil de usar

Avatar small By Mdu Mkhonza on Sep 14 2020
Quality Product

Comprehensive feedback, only after a couple of months of printing

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