Robo R1+

by Robo 3D
94% Recommended


Robo3D launched a highly successful kickstarter for their R1 printer. The R1+ features an improved motion system for higher quality printing as well as an improved filament feed system for greater reliability.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
254 x 228 x 203
Layer Resolution
100-300 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA. PET, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
290° C
Open Source
Closed Hardware

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Ease of Use
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Avatar small By mcox24 on Mar 26 2017
A great Value for the quality, features and easy to work with it.  It took two weeks to decide on the Robo R1 Plus, but was the best value for the money with all the features that it has. Built solid and they upgraded somethings the R1 didn't have. Ready from the box with auto leveling, heated bed, large print area is definitely a plus over other printers and a quick release for the hot end is a real big plus which I had to use on only the second time I used the printer because I left the filament in over night so don't do that because the hot end got clogged after only the second day I had it but only took 5 minutes to pull it out using the quick release and pulling the broken off filament  out but was my fault. I'm predicting the price on the R1 + will be coming down because Robo 3D is coming out with their new model the R2  end of March 2017 which is expensive and doesn't have as large a build area and the distributor's will want to get rid of their stock to make room for the R2, keep an eye out for sales. Still can buy some upgrades for it like an LCD screen/control so you don't have to be connected to a computer or you can run off of the included SD card once you set the card up another plus. Very happy with it after only 3 days of having it and I already know it's going to be a long relationship but my wife doesn't  know it yet.....LOL

Avatar small By Laura Melnik on Apr 24 2017
First time 3D printing

Love the heated bed and the compact footprint.  

Medium. Changing the line is a bit of a huge learning curve. But I have the hang of it now.

Hate: I hate that the bed does not have a back drive sensor so each time it aligns itself it goes through the bottom middle and the CRASH well, that means it's almost time to print.  Couldn't you have put a limit switch on both ends?

The print head get the material around it's it starts, sometimes it makes zero up and down to high off the table. This makes the material want to stick to the table, but whe. The next pass comes by, it just picks up the first laver and poop gets all over the head. Then the rest of the model is junk. 

Like that my husband learned how to use it so I can do my toys. We have made quite a few custom parts for the RC Planes we build for others. 

Wish it had a shield. The AC blows right at it. So we have had to put a diverted into the AC duct to keep the parts from cooling to fast.

It's a bummer I got the model I did when the newer model came out just a couple months after mine.

The 2 softwares MC and the other one are so diffeeent that only 1 should come with the printer.  Make it easy for the techno-tard to get going.

I like my printer. No, I think I love my printer :)

Laura Melnik

Avatar small By 54chevyguy on Jun 17 2017
My first printer

i took about a year to find and buy a good priced 3d printer and it happened to be robo 3dr1+ i love the large build plate has been a good machine for me and is easy to remove hot end loosen 2 screws and pull the bracket out of the way and the hot end falls right out (keep a hand on the hot end but not when it's hot) L.O.L So to sum it up do yourself a favor and just get a robo and if money isn't an issue get a robo R2 i'm saving for one myself looks like a great machine. HAPPY PRINTING ALL!!!

Avatar small By drwatson58 on Aug 29 2017
My 1st Printer Robo

Bought it off ebay at a great price.  Runs great.  trying to learn it.  Tried to use Cura program but haven't been able to get it to run with it.  Otherwise I love it.  Alot of stl files out there that I have printed with it.

Avatar small By datnewsome on Oct 16 2017
Great Printer

This printer may not be as well known as some of the other printers out there, but it is still incredible. For the amount you pay, you get a lot of build volume. The only problems I have had with this machine are either my own fault or just it being finicky. Overall it is a great printer and has yet to go wrong

Avatar small By Curtis Mears on Dec 28 2017
First 3D Printer Actually Works!

When I purchased the  Robo plus, I was not sure I would get it to actually print.  After unpacking  it, my concerns were realized as the print head would only move up, and ended up lodged against the top.  I finally realized a packing piece was hidden behind the print arm. I removed it, manually lowered the print head, and tried my first print job, small plastic square. The job began and  the whole family watched in awe as the print head moved over the heated surface in a mesmerizing pattern. After several minutes, I was the proud father of a small plastic square. My wife was less than impressed, saying it was just a small plastic square. But I  knew this was the stepping stone to much larger jobs. next a 15 hour plastic man with wings. And after 15 hours, I realized I may want to move it to a dark corner as it does make some noise...for 15 hours. Anyways, the printer works great, is easy to use, and does an admirable job. Just watch out for the orange packing piece stuffed behind the support bars.   

Avatar small By gleavitt on Jan 04 2018
Robo R1+ is a solid 3D Printer

At first I had a lot of issues with this printer. This was my second 3D printer. The first was even worse. Once I started to really understand how this printer worked and was able to tweak all of the settings, I started to really love what it was able to do. I learned that the default settings for all materials needed to be tweaked. The Z Offset had to be adjusted a bit otherwise the nozzle was too close to the build plate to extrude. I also had to increase the extrusion multiplier a tad to really get the material down on the build plate. Another adjustment was the fan and when it came on…depending on the material being used. ABS tends to warp if it cools too rapidly where PLA is more forgiving. Adjusting those settings to line up with the material really helped the build quality. Lastly, I learned that using a glue stick on the build plate or blue painters tape is the best for adhesion of all materials.

Overall, this is a great printer and will continue to use it even when I purchase a Robo R2.

Avatar small By Andreraul on Mar 08 2018
Good Printer

This is my 1st and only printer, so not much to compare it to first hand. Non the less, it's efficient and reliable. It does have some issues but the brand itself is trustworthy.

Avatar small By keith1233678 on May 04 2018
Works Well

It has worked for me when i needed it.

Avatar small By XYZ-Imagination on Sep 17 2018
Robo 3D R1+

So far I have had my Robo 3D R1+ for almost two years. Other than user error and fine tuning for each filament, I have had no issues. Cleaning and maintaining is key to the Robo 3D R1+. If you do not clean, oil an d check regularly, you will have issues.

I only print at a .02 layer height and the prints come out beautifully. I do heat filament to high limits, but the flow is even and very precise. First 3D printer and I have made products that I have sold and am using without massive flaws. Bed sticking was an issue, but I learned it was user error. Now I can't get the stuff off easily. LOL.  The build room is perfect for me. 200mm x 200mm x 200mm is what I have the limits set to. You can adjust the parameters for more or less room, but these are perfect for me.

I will be purchasing a second one for sure since the price for the R1+ has gone down.

PLA Suggestions: Change nozzle for better quality. Set Heat 10 degree's above suggested temp filament. Use glue and 60 degree's on bed. I use 50-60mm/sec print speed. Best bed adhesion with skirt(8 loops) and .02 height. The rest was default settings.

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