Robo R1+

by Robo 3D
88% Recommended


Robo3D launched a highly successful kickstarter for their R1 printer. The R1+ features an improved motion system for higher quality printing as well as an improved filament feed system for greater reliability.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
254 x 228 x 203
Layer Resolution
100-300 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA. PET, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
290° C
Open Source
Closed Hardware

Rating Summary

Print Quality
Ease of Use
Build Quality
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Avatar small By keith1233678 on May 04 2018
Works Well

It has worked for me when i needed it.

Avatar small By XYZ-Imagination on Sep 17 2018
Robo 3D R1+

So far I have had my Robo 3D R1+ for almost two years. Other than user error and fine tuning for each filament, I have had no issues. Cleaning and maintaining is key to the Robo 3D R1+. If you do not clean, oil an d check regularly, you will have issues.

I only print at a .02 layer height and the prints come out beautifully. I do heat filament to high limits, but the flow is even and very precise. First 3D printer and I have made products that I have sold and am using without massive flaws. Bed sticking was an issue, but I learned it was user error. Now I can't get the stuff off easily. LOL.  The build room is perfect for me. 200mm x 200mm x 200mm is what I have the limits set to. You can adjust the parameters for more or less room, but these are perfect for me.

I will be purchasing a second one for sure since the price for the R1+ has gone down.

PLA Suggestions: Change nozzle for better quality. Set Heat 10 degree's above suggested temp filament. Use glue and 60 degree's on bed. I use 50-60mm/sec print speed. Best bed adhesion with skirt(8 loops) and .02 height. The rest was default settings.

Avatar small By Prop Logic Media on Oct 22 2018
Easily competes with $1000 printers

I've had this printer for about 3 or 4 years now and it has served me well. It has a decent build size, heated glass bed, good looks and easily serviceable parts. Customer service has always bent over backwards for me and though I've had problems with it I would say they were reasonable problems for a printer in this price range. Also there are some simple upgrades and additions I would recommend (See below). It has simple parts inside including an arduino mega, a shield for controlling the stepper motors and heating elements and a power supply. It is not enclosed so technically it could do better with controlling the temps but I find it works just fine. I use matter control for the software. 

First, the bottom of the printer is closed. This limits airflow and contributed to my arduino shield overheating and melting/burning the connections. When I replaced the shield the new ones came with a better design for the connectors that is less likely to fail, however I removed the bottom cover all together, printed stands to raise the printer off the table a few centimeters and printed a holder to hold the cooling fan directly on on the shield itself. All these upgrades are available on thingiverse if you just search for for the robo r1. I also used more metal tape on the cork insulation on the bottom of the heated bed to help hold the thermistor and heating element up because it was having a hard time keeping a consistent temperature. The support guy at Robo 3D sent me out the replacement shield and parts for free even though I was a bit outside my warranty. 

My arduino mega board went bad about a year ago and had to replace it which cost me about $50 from Robo3D. My printer was an older design which used a rubber boot/cover to hold the thermister on the extruder block. The boot dry rotted recently and I had to fix it by using high temp silicone adhesive designed for chimney chutes to hold the thermister in place. Newer printers come with an upgraded hot end which uses a set screw to hold everything in place and I could buy a newer hot end to replace mine, but my fix works pretty good for right now and cost me five bucks.

I've easily printed over 10kg of filament over the last 3 or 4 years and have never cleaned or cared for the print nozzle. Recently my nozzle became clogged pretty good. Replacing the nozzle, however, cost me five bucks since it uses standard nozzles and it was not hard to get back up and running. 

All in all, this is a solid printer for the $500 range. If you're okay with replacing some things here and there over time this printer will compete with a lot of other printers in the $1000 range no problem. 

Small vrchat 1920x1080 2018 07 09 20 00 04.002 By Roucey on Nov 23 2018
It's eh

It's not a printer for someone just starting out, but if you know what you're doing it can definitely work for you. I've had the printer for about 2 years now and it's worked fine throughout. I have had a few gripes with it, the bed is out of alignment which isn't too bad it just means the print runs off the heated part quite a bit, the bed never evenly heats and that causes a lot of problems with bigger prints. Though when it works it works amazing and I really love when that happens if only it happened more often, I would personally recommend a Prusa printer ( if you have the money and a Monoprice Select Mini ( if you're on a budget. If you want to avoid the headaches and maintenance then get one of those.

Avatar small By drmercer007 on Feb 13 2019
Maybe the Engineering/mechanical background helped ...

I am a VERY new newbie, but things are going good so far. I even had a nozzle plug to clear and a video was available to tell me how. It went fine! My current problem is NOT being proficient with 3D modeling software so I can design my own parts!

Small screenshot 2019 08 08 at 1.05.28 pm By Kingnunmass on Aug 29 2019
If it was a newer design...

This printer is great for first time users. It is relatively easy to use. If someone were to buy one though I would suggest getting the newest model.

Avatar small By AuColl on May 21 2020
Great printer for the price.

It's been easy to maintain  and prints come out nice.

Avatar small By John Long1 on Sep 05 2020
First 3D printer ever owned. Best investment ever!

First 3D printer ever owned. Best investment ever!

Avatar small By Steve Petersen on Nov 08 2020
I can see why I was gifted this machine. He had told me he was underwhelmed with it.

Extruder hasn't fed well once. Have spent better part of two days cleaning and re-testing and clean again.  loading the filament isn't the best, It's OK if you have small hands, I don't.   seeing where the filament goes in the dark inside the housing not so easy.  So is it me? Well, I do photography and Astro-imaging. perhaps the machine is wonkey I don't know yet.

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