RepRap Rostock Mini Pro

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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
180 x 180 x 250
Layer Resolution
50-400 microns
Material Types
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Open Source

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Avatar small By Cobus Malan on Oct 20 2016
The Kossel Mini, through experience

I bought one of the Chinese clone kits of these machines, and once I finished wading through the Chinglish instructions and videos, I found some really great resources online to help me with setup.

The delta printer is not for the faint of heart as far as setup is concerned, but once you have it going correctly, it is one of the most reliable rewarding and fast bottom of the range printers I have seen so far. I have built and set up various i3 clones, and a Makerbot and none of them in my mind compare to the Kossel.  It prints the same part in 75% or less of the time on average, with the same quality and resolution.

The only major downside is the build platform size, which ends up being a maximum useable of about 140mm round, although the height of 250 is quite awesome.

Overall though, I have printed the majority of my smaller parts, and some large ones in sections on this printer, and I find it's speed and ease of use (No moving table for minor height adjustment being one) far outweighs the pain of initial set up and tuning.

Overall, I would recommend this printer to anyone who has limited space, doesn't mind tinkering a bit to get it going, but wants something that is ideal for small items and fast prototyping.

Avatar small By gerald.klein.159 on Oct 25 2016
Love this printer...

Love this printer. . . But it's the only one i've ever owned so. . . . Not much to go by. . . 

Suggest you build your own. . . That way if aomething goes wrong. . . You'll know how to fix it.  For me it was the tensions bearing. . . Easy fix. . . 

Other than that one issue. . . I've had nothing but fun with it. . . . 

Small 544959 419277768137389 1868245857 n By Serg l on Dec 21 2016
Anycubic DIY kit

I'm a complete noob in 3d printing and after some research decided to start with a delta machine. So I picked an Anycubic DIY kit, which is a Kossel clone. I was assembling it over few evenings without any major stress by using included manual and online videos. Initial tuning was an important step required to run multiple iterations to get printing head leveled with the platform. It took me good honest two hours running manual homing and re-positioning commands and adjusting the screws.  Once leveling was done I had 100% success rate, no single failed print, not counting some attempts when I tried to skip platform surface preparation. Already printed about a dozen of small to medium size models. 

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