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Avatar small By Christian Foster on May 09 2017
Great printer after you fix it.

The main reason I would NOT recommend this printer is because the company has went bankrupt a few years back so any Solidoodle you buy is 2nd+ hand and you can not get any manufacturer/seller help or replacement parts.  That being said the printer is a great bang for the buck for those with a lot of time.  the printer is huge with a 12" cubed build volume (304.8 mm cubed).  It also provides a dual extruder setup and auto level trough a z-probe.  All of this for $1300 when the company closed.This seems like a lot until you compare the market.  The MakerBot MINI is $1400 is about a 5"build volume and a single extruder.  The build quality is not great, at least on my model.  The z-probe actually broke. All of the 3d printed parts were terribly warped and the entire thing wobbles.  Plus the large print bed causes a lot of z-wobble issues,  I also had to print different filament spool holders cause mine broke.  The printer does not print great until you really mess with it so it is not a great starting printer.  The software is good, just an old version of Repetier Host.  Feature packed, my only complaint is that it doesn't have support for dual extruder models.  The other extruder is only good for supports or infill.  After you start to find some of the problems you seek the community for the solution and lucky for you it is a RepRap machine so you can seek the wonderful knowledge packed community.  Honestly the printer might make you want to throw it out a window in the beginning but after setting it up and really dialing it in, there is no end as to what this thing can do.

Avatar small By leo_ofpring on Mar 22 2020
esta buenisimo vengan al mejor lugar para imprimir

viva peron carajo vamos a buscar las esferas del dragon, yo soy tu padre, NOOOOOOO!!! aah y esta pagina es buenisima para imprimir

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