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Avatar small By Alex Kenlon on Jul 28 2020
I've never heard of a RepRap Morgan printer until the other day.

I don't actually own a RepRap Morgan. What I actually own is an Elegoo Mars, but this site didn't have one that I could select and I *had* to select one before I could continue on to the site to see what it offered. In fact, I did not see *any* of the 3D Resin Printers that I recognized. For all I know, this RepRap Morgan may be a 3D Resin printer. It's also equally likely that it spins 3D shapes from pixie dust and is powered by unicorn farts and happy thoughts for all I know. Now here's an interesting question. What if someone is looking at 3D files in order to to see what's available to print and whether or not it's worth it to them to buy a 3D printer? Y'all lacking an option for "Gee, I'm thinking about getting one but don't have one yet."

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