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Small 156403 10151506819208210 2051766401 n By simon_jolley on Aug 19 2017
Semi Pro Printer for Amateur Money

Ok guys, I'm a newbie at 3D printing so here we go;

For under $4K NZD you get a heated print bed 250 x 250 x 300, dual nozzles, resolution 0.1mm Z, <0.1mm X&Y.  Manual bed levelling.  3mm or 1.75 mm Filament 0.4mm Nozzles.

The software is a rebadged copy of CURA 2.1 as far as I can tell, but simple and easy to use, not great but adequate.   Accepts SLI files

Good results with ABS and PLA, Nylon is tricky, but doable.  About to try Carbon fibre filled filament.

Avatar small By Mark Rodighiero on Feb 01 2018
The good and the bad..

Ok First off, using the CREATBOT DX3 is fun!  At first, I thought I would just make a few 'fun' things then lose interest. As it happens, I'm finding all kinds of things I can design (Using RSAllied Designspark) useful items to repair or replace things around the home and garden. Example:  A replacement knob for the clock setter on our oven (could not find a replacement anywhere on the internet), a bracket that clamps onto my lawn mower to hold the throttle and drive cables in place,  clamps to relieve stress on outdoor lighting cables strung over our patio, new hubs to hold the plastic reels on the back of the CREATBOT,  and more.  

The bad stuff: 

1)The platform is cantilevered off two linear bearings that have a lot of play. So adjusting the platform for consistent gap from the extruder nozzle is a constant chore, as the platform position can pitch and roll due to sloppy bearings and less than rigid construction.

2) When (not if) the filament breaks, retrieving the broken pieces out of the feed tubes is difficult. It looks like the feed tubes are terminated by 'quick release' connectors, but either they're not or I'm just not strong enough to detach the tube from the connector. So I have to unscrew the connectors from the terminating blocks, fish out the broken pieces of filament, reassemble, and yes, re-align the platform.  I'm getting faster at it, but still.


1) Replace the linear bearings with larger, higher quality bearings that don't have such sloppy fit.

2) improve the rigidity and squareness of the platform (preferred) and/or provide a means of adjusting the angle between the platform and the linear bearings.

3) move the linear bearings to the sides of the platform  so the platform is not cantilevered.

Although the CREATBOT DX3 could use some improvements, for what it is and for what I paid for it, it was well worth the investment.

Thank  you, CREATBOT inventors and engineers!


Avatar small By Ricardo Goncalves Oliveira on Jul 16 2018
Very Good 3D printer but bad customer support

In my case I opted by the DX3 (1.75mm filament version) which has 3 awesome extruders. This is  a Chinese 3D printer, based in Mega 2560,  having robust  semi-closed metal frame, open on top because the bowden tubes, but it was easy to me to build an acrylic dome. Because the provided Creatware software (based in an old Cura version) didn't come with any profiles, at the beginning it was a bit hard to use and CreatBot support didn't help since they don't provide any printing profiles for the different 3D printers they sale. Actually I had let Creatware apart and started using Ultimaker Cura 3.4 which is a much better 3D slicer SW. So in resume this is my veredict: Very good Hardware , acceptable 3d slicer SW, bad customer support.

NOTE: in this Thingverse link , I explain how to get configured  a CreatBot DX 3D printer in Ultimaker CURA (for version 4.3)

Small 35426865 1803676446357161 4936866109895737344 n By frijo_francis on Aug 21 2018
Build quality is very good also Large build voulume

CreatBot D600 is a dual extruder 3d printer with a build voulume of 600x600x600mm. Enclosed case is very good. But its not easy to manualy level the large bed everytime. PLA and ABS prints are at 90% success, but PC is so difficult to print. They said the printer can reach upto a bed temperature of 135 Degree Celcius, at 110 the printer turs off. Also its not easy to cahnge the nozzles. Printer is super expensive, about 11k USD including shipping annd customs. 

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