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Small avatar By tanya Wiesner on Oct 13 2016
Sturdy printer

Great little printer for beginners. Needs minor tweaks and upgrades to get most bang for your buck. Compatible with most free and paid slicer software available.

Avatar small By kmccon on Oct 19 2016
Nice upgradable printer that is still great stock

I really like this printer.  It prints at excellent quality for a reasonable price.  Building the kit gave me insight on how it worked and what I could do to improve quality.  

What they did right

Simple design that allows for upgrades.  Heated bed, extended X and Z axis.  Hot ends, printrbot and E3D.  

Works with all slicers.  On mine Simplify3d turned the quality up to 11!

What could use improvement.  

Printrboard - updating firmware is more complicated than Ramps/Arduino boards.  

Hot end - would like easily replaceable heaters. Burned out heater = new hot end.  

Other observations.

Takes up a lot of real estate.  Needs room for X and Y axis. 

Customer service is done through twitter and web only.  They do a great job, just a little tedious to communicate.  

Would strongly recommend as a first printer.  

Small 12241456 10153483104979667 7484280677737155044 n By joe_santarromana on Oct 19 2016
Not a lot of experience with other printers so hard to compare

When I first got my Printrbot Metal Simple, it printed great out of the box but then I modified the printer to increase the print area with a kit from to 8"X8"X10". I also added some extra fans and while flashing the board I killed it and had to buy a new one and I was rough on the extruder and went through a few of them until I learned how and why I was clogging them so badly. So the thing is that it was a learning curve but made me understand what made this printer tick and it also wasn't such a hard thing to modify it! the designed gave room to add things and made it easy to modify.

Small 322055 10151003462385069 769565802 o By Ronald Jaramillo on Oct 19 2016
Build like a tank, few features but excellent within it's constrains!

I have had my Printrbot Metal Simple for almost two years. This is hands down one of the best purchases I've have ever made! 

I bought it as a kit,  assembly was easy and gave me an added level of confidence for the underpinnings of the machine.

There was an initial learning curve trying to get succesfull prints. Mostly because I design my own parts and had to learn the hard way the limits of FDM technology and my particular hardware.

For it's price the Printrbot is an excellent beginner machine - due to it's simplicity there ain't much that can go wrong with it.

It's quite sturdy, you can safely move it around (or take it with you to workshops and drop it : o ) and it probably won't even need recalibration.

My current workflow consist of:
  • modeling in OnShape (terrific browser-based solid modeller) 
  • slicing in Simplify3D (worth every penny) 
  • upload the G-Code to a Raspberry-pi running OctoPrint
  • my Printrbot does not have a heated bed, but I depend on PrintinZ Zebra Plate for great first layer addition and easy part removal
  •  it might be superstition, but on this machine I get my best results with Monsterfil filaments
Small 10153657 10152113435424585 1196953866 n By pedrotokarski on Oct 19 2016
Good cost benefit

Very good benefit. The build quality is good, but the assembly could be better. Mine came with a loose Z axis coupler, which caused the Z to drop and it warped the bed. After I managed to solve that and was able to compensate the bed warping with software plus a few spacers under the print bed, it was pretty much stable.

Small after sandy By carlos_porto on Oct 20 2016
A solid dependable machine that can grow

If you're starting out with 3d printing, the printrbot simple is a sure bet. Let's start with what it not great at. It's a slow machine, compared to others, it's printing sweet spot is about 40mm/sec, which tends to be on the slow side of things. On the other hand, that slow speed guarantees great prints, so it's a balanced trade off. It tends to be a touch loud if you print quickly, otherwise it's reasonably silent. It's a reasonable sized build plate at 6 inches cubed, but it is on the smaller end of things relative to the market, which tends to hover about 8 to 10 inches. Now for the upsides. The print quality you can get from a stock printrbot, without any modification rivals that of ultimaker or a finely tuned makerbot. You can upgrade the machine to have a heated bed and increase it's print area on the X, Y and Z axises. It's reliable, with minor macitence such as oiling the guides and making sure screws are tight, you can print with thousand of hours without fiddling with anything.  Lastly it's biggest draw is the community. If you run into any issue it's been documented already, so diagnosing and fixing it is relatively easy. Customer support tends to be slow, so having the comity is a godsend. Also since the printrbot family is open sourced, you can always replace broken parts with off the shelf replacements from other companies. I've had my simple for 2 years now, and have updated it with an e3dv6 hotted and a heated bed. Hands down the 2 best upgrades  you can do. It just improves the reliability even more so. Go out and buy one, you won't regret it.

Small logo By cancore3d on Oct 20 2016
Printrbot Simple Metal

Great beginner printer for hobbyist. Good quality with some designs. Overall a good value printer. 

Avatar small By lecep on Oct 20 2016
Printrbot Simple Metal, a great option to start in the 3D printing world

Excellent tool to start getting into 3D printing.  I bought mine disassembled and took my time to build it properly and understand the function of every single part.  You can 3d print parts for it and it's still very reliable. It may be slow and noisy but fortunately I don't have to comply with a demanding production line of customer prints and actually, I like its "noise". I already had to get a replacement for the Z-probe sensor, which is incredibly cheap from eBay, and also I got a stock of replacement belts, just in case. Their support is not bad, could be better but it's still a very small company.  Would I buy another Printrbot Simple Metal? Yes, I would.

Avatar small By lazerinnovation on Oct 21 2016
Printrbot Simple metal, Simply Great!

I bought my Printrbot Simple Metal as a kit, I had to assemble it. I come from an electronics/mechanical background it lives up to it's name Simple!, I assembled it in one evening, followed the first time run and calibration instructions and I was up and running! printing highly detailed parts in no time. So while it is an ultra simple machine the quality of the work is outstanding! I've seen parts come off a Makerbot replicator that look rougher than my Printrbot's quality! ................ but ............. the big thing that had me sold was it's customisability. You wanna increase the bed size, no problem the bearings are a standard size! it's a matter of longer bearing rods, swopping out your bed drive belt  for a longer one and of course replacing your  standard bed with a piece of aluminium sheet cut to the new size. you wanna heat the new bed? no problem, plenty of PCB heater layouts out there! easy to do! You want dual extrusion capabilities, no problem, other users have done this! there's plenty of info and customised bots in the Forums! it's a great little printer fantastic value for money, what more can I say

Avatar small By clownfish360 on Oct 24 2016
Good overall budget printer

I am happy with my PBS experience.  I purchased it as a kit so that helped me understand how everything works.

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