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Avatar small By Chris Dagher on Oct 19 2016
Great printer

I love everything about this printer. I modify it so much, test software on it, change electronics easily, and modify parts without issues. While I am disappointed that there is no longer official support or upgrades for this printer, it is all open source, so I can design and build my own! The print quality is comparable to my school's uPrint SE Pro after I tuned it in, and the range of materials and exotics after some tweaking is staggering. Overall, I would highly recommend this printer if you have some free time and want to tinker around a bit!

Small 12289614 10208276109769209 1585545222206896369 n By WuLongToys on Oct 20 2016
Get this if you love tinkering w/ printers more than having printed items

This is not a printer for the feint of heart.  I inherited one as my first printer but never got it working right.  Everything is open source and it's a great thing if your interested in how the printers work and like being able to mess with every aspect of it.  But if the printer itself is a means to an end, the end being the printed product, then this is not for you.

Small 947305 270205253126987 1177142877 n By david_bershadsky on Oct 25 2016
Printrbot simple maker kit oldest version

The Printrbot simple maker kit oldest version Is a very good printer for people with some experience with 3d printing.

I got it as my first printer and got it working perfectly about a year later (one week building- rest was debugging) but it was a lot of fun and still works flawlessly since I got it in 2012

Avatar small By bringho on Dec 08 2018
My Printrbot Simple is no longer what it was when I bought it, there are a number of updates published on Thingiverse that will enhance the printer.

It was my first FDM printer and has been a great experience the last 5 years.

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