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Pin container math spinner toy 3d printing 35476
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Math Spinner Toy
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Fidget Cube Remix
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Box oval
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Fidget Cube Remix

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Avatar small By Chris Gehringer on Oct 20 2016
An excellent printer for education, but the software needs documentation and vendor support

We are in year two of our Polar3D and it's great for our small school where we use it with grades 3 to 8.  The printer is easy to use and the cloud-based software is easy to use.  It offers many features that I don't understand for organizing prints, clubs, groups, etc.  Support is great and responsive.  The Polar cloud allows us to store all our prints, view our jobs online, and view our printer with embedded webcam.  I don't know how often the web-based software is updated, and some documentation on how that is organized would be a great help.

Avatar small By dmaul3300 on Oct 29 2016
Polar 3d is a good printer

The polar 3d printer is a good printer. I owned the Micro 3d printer and got rid of it due to the small build volume as well as the issues getting good prints. The polar 3d printer can print with more types of filament than most printers/ It also has a bigger build volume and doesn't jam up as often as my micro 3d printer. When it does jam, it is easier to unclog the printer as the polar 3d printer has tools. The polar 3d printer is easier to calibrate, but I still have some occasional prints that shift, but I get many more successful prints from the polar 3d printer compared to the Micro 3d printer. The cloud base software is easy to use. I like that I can use to phone and watch it print and pause/stop it if I see problems. I also like the how it captures a time lapse of my print after it was completed. 

There is a forum where you can ask questions and other people as well as the polar 3d staff will respond. There are groups/clubs and can create a support ticket with polar 3d if you are having issues. 

For the value, the polar 3d printer is a very good printer and is half the cost of Makerbot printers. If you are a student, you can get the printer cheaper. I would defiantly recommend this printer to people.

Avatar small By Kristian Knoop on Jan 03 2021
For a beginner, great!

Just what the title says, its great to explore with it how to build your own things. But the build size is going to small at a time.

The quality of the prints is very good, if you design your own things you can export .stl files and print your own stuff. Great to explore all the options Cura offers. Also their own designs aver very helpfull and inspirational.

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