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Balls in the ball
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Wizard Sheepie
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Topographic Skull

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Small yellow resin ring By sean on Oct 20 2016
Highest resolution at an affordable price.

We use the B9Creator on a daily basis for our jewelry business. At first we were intimidated by the resin and having to calibrate the machine, but the training and customer service we received was second to none. In no time we were calibrating the machine and growing prints for all of our clients and it was extremely faster than milling, hand carving, or using some of the other 3D printers we had. The cost of using the B9Creator is considerably lower than our other 3D printers with resin being $199, so in the long run the majority of our money goes back to us and not running the printer. Also, we read the forums prior to purchasing the B9Creator and the people who say the B9 resin is not castable are not willing to put in the work of changing their old burnout cycle. We cast beautiful pieces with ease straight from the machine, after curing of course.

Also, any issues we have with supporting the models or purchasing resin, we can contact B9 and their Master dealer directly with just a phone call. They also check in on us once a month to make sure we are still printing perfectly, and the great thing is that this is all included in our purchase.

From the customer service to delivering our customers a beautiful product in a short amount of time, and not having to spend a lot of our money using the machine, our experience with this 3D printer has been such a relief to us. We have had the B9Creator for 3 years and have been voted best customer design in San Diego for the last 2 years so the results speak for themselves. We will continue to be B9 users and hope you will be too.

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