Wanhao Duplicator i3

by Wanhao
95% Recommended


The Wanhao Duplicator i3 is a robust and economical version of the original Prusa i3 design. The high temperature nozzle, heated bed, and low price make this a great machine for beginners and experienced makers alike!

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
200 x 200 x 180
Layer Resolution
100 microns
Material Types
ABS,PLA. PET, Nylon, Flexible
Maximum Temperature
240° C
Open Source
Closed Hardware

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Print Quality
Ease of Use
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Small imgres By Federico Fuga (HappyCactus) on Nov 29 2019
Once customized, it's fantastic

it can be heavy customized, the community support is great.

There's a list of must-have parts, once you have it, quality is high and definitely a pleasure to use.

The must have are:

- Z brace (to make the z axis more stiff)

- All metal extruder

- 3 points levelling

- A better cooling duct

It might be tuned a bit, especially for accelerations and temperature controls.

Anyway, this is definitely a good machine.

Avatar small By griffin.e.sanderson on Jan 09 2020
darn good

It has some problems and requires some doing but its pretty good. would recommend for beginners.

Avatar small By John Simons on Jan 17 2020
A pretty good printer

You sometimes have to really tweak your slicer to get the best result, I think thats with all 3D printers ;)

Small 2012 03 26 20.05.52 By Lambros Frantzeskakis on Mar 26 2020
A good Printer for engineering users

I have This printer for 3 years . I made all the upgrades and all modifications that make this printer a very good printer . 

Avatar small By Andy Bloo on Apr 29 2020
Solid printer with good results

if you are looking for an entry level printer, with a solid build and upgrade potential ,then you can’t go wrong with this one. The only gripe I have is having to level the bed quite often but this can be modified quite simply. Once you get the hang of your slicing software, the print quality is very good. I print mechanical parts and the tolerances are very good. Once you’ve done all the mods, like me, this is one great printer. Thumbs up from me.

Small 00100sportrait 00100 burst20181201100911258 cover By Luke Kubat on May 03 2020
Great entry level 3D printer

200x200 build volume with a heated bed for just over $200.  It does fine, and for that price with those features that's pretty stinking awesome.  There are better 3D printers, but if all you have is $200, I'd go with this over anything else that doesn't have a 200x200 build plate or a heated bed.

Avatar small By Tamás Zádor on May 15 2020
You get what you pay for - a great printer for newbies

This Wanhao I3 mini is a really cheap and sturdy little machine. It has it's limitations but for getting into the mood of 3D printing it is a great machine. Within minutes you can set it up and let it run. It produces OK quality prints w/o any tweaking and for sure you can make things even better with a little experimenting with the settings. I have been printing with it for 2 years now and nothing went wrong yet. One of the internal fans would need to be changed as it became super loud but other than that it's perfect still!

Build size is 150x150x100mm as it is the MINI! 

Avatar small By semik.serega.semik on May 27 2020

The Wanhao Duplicator i3 mini 3D printer is a compact device that is suitable for use at home. The main advantage of the printer – you will be able to appreciate its functionality immediately after unpacking, because it is almost assembled. The speed of building various objects is 70 mm/s. Wanhao Duplicator i3 mini is compatible with various operating systems – Windows, MAC, Linux. In the kit you will find a starting set of plastic, as well as a spatula for subsequent removal of finished copies.

Avatar small By rahu on Oct 28 2020
Amazing printee

Its a pretty good printer. Requires some practice/ takes some time to get used with the printer

Avatar small By M 13 on Nov 29 2020
Great results 3D printer

When you know how everything works you will be happy with this 3D printer. Only I have a problem thats not be change with a replacement of the printplaten. The solution WAS to replace it with a new printer, and the name is Balco the same as the Wanhao Duplicator i3 a name changing but all is the same. Now perfect prints with Cura. Recommend this 3D printer. HAVE FUN.

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