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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
170 x 170 x 170
Layer Resolution
100-400 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
250° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By amy.liao on Oct 27 2016
Easy to use OverLord

OverLord is very easy to use. No need any 3d printing knowledge to print test files embedded in its SD card. I found wonderful tutorials and support resources on its website: www.dreammaker.cc These video and materials helped me great during using overlord to print my own models. I like its appearance too. In sum, it is a affordable, well-looking and easy to use 3d printer for family.

Avatar small By william.wei on Oct 27 2016
good delta printer, easy to use, good printing quality

I love the look of this printer, and it work well so far. Go printing straight out of box,

Avatar small By Richard.Su on Oct 27 2016
A pretty good desktop 3D printer for me

Quite good delta structure 3D printer. I usually use it to print some cute models download from web. really can meet my needs. apart from a little bit noisy, really a good 3D printer, I like it.

Avatar small By Nardus Sauer on Feb 25 2018
Easy setup

Out of the box setup was easy and I printed a demo in 30 minutes of opening the box. Watch out for the nozzle height after leveling the plate. I had to stick the big dreammaker sticker on the plate to allow the projects to really stick and not curl up an cause spaghetti. think I should use a double layer of builders tape next time. Also this is not a machine for big projects, make sure of the dimensions of possible jobs. I am mainly using this for theatre dress jewellery and detail decoration. small gifts for family and friend and small prosthetic parts. buy I am new to the machine and may still learn it full capabilities. 

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