BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos

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Avatar small By bartolome.jr on Oct 20 2016
Sencilla pero eficaz.

Ideal para introducirse en este mundo, comparativamente muy barata y  con muchas posibilidades de mejorarla y experimentar  con ella.

Avatar small By SiNuMe on Oct 21 2016
Good value for the amount of money you pay

it's a good value but you don't have to expect a good quality of printing. I would say it's the first step of printers you can afford when you are a beginner. 

Small dsc 0007 By Julián Caro Linares on Oct 26 2016
An Open Source improvement of the really good printer Prusa I3

It' s a very good printer. The best thing of it is the building instructions and their community.

Small sonia verdu By Sonia Verdu on Oct 26 2016
Open Source - Good value for money

Very happy with the printer, good quality and excellent purchase. The installation takes several hours but is very clearly explained.

Small david square bw By David_LG on Jan 21 2017
A great printer to learn

I've been modifying it very easily over time, and i'm now printing other upgrades with it.

Avatar small By isi on Aug 01 2017
Good printer

It's my first 3d printer and i modify it completely, for who want a printer with easy instruction and the support of the community is one of the best choice...

Avatar small By Ramon SF on Sep 27 2017
Difficult mounting and maintenance.

I am happy with the printer, (I have printed 20 reels), the quality-price of the printer is good. But it is a difficult machine to operate at the time of purchase, and it needs continuous maintenance to achieve perfect impressions, the extrusion blockage is continued.

Small boule By catf3d on Feb 11 2018
prusa i3

le prusa i3 et plus difficile que la première imprimante que j'ai eu (dagoma) mais dès que l'on sait c'est plus agréable à régler et il a plus de fonctionnalités que le dagoma. Parce qu'il imprime en ABS. en résumé j'aime cette imprimante, si elle tombait en panne je me rachèterais là

Avatar small By rds2002 on Feb 13 2018
BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos - A must have

Now I'm using it for two years. A wonderfull product less expensive with the biggest quality result. Very stable and low maintaining time. No wasted time, and a lot of mod available in order to improve performance and wide community over the world (Prusa and software compatible). 

Avatar small By Márton Fogarassy on Aug 15 2018
good product

I like it really. I am quite a new owner. The printer was bought from the hungarian distributor of Prusa. They used it approx. 300-400 hour in the past. I like it and made some special development.

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