ZYYX+ 3D Printer

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
265 x 225 x 195
Layer Resolution
50 microns
Material Types
PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, TPU, Nylon, PET, Laywood, Laybrick, T-glase
Maximum Temperature
265° C
Open Source
Closed Hardware

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ZYYX 3D Printer

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Avatar small By Klimber on Oct 19 2016
Best printer I have used...!

Very easy to use. Excellent print quality. I have been printing from Flex, PLA to ABS, all w/o any issues. 

Small beleiverichard By RhemyD on Oct 25 2016
Really Reliable Printer

The ZYYX is a value for money printer. While at the upper end of the price bracket you certainly get what you pay for. The ease of setup and repeatability means it is the only printer I am comfortable leaving running over night or unattended for long jobs; a must in my busy household.

The printer is bundled with Simplify3D meaning you are not just buying hardware but a complete 3D printing solution. This is emphasised with the inclusion of all the tools required to service and maintain your ZYYX in the highest standard possible.

The ZYYX best feature is of course the automatic bed levelling system. While not uncommon these days, the ZYYX was one of the first to being implementing the system in my experience and was the main reason for my purchase. The probe means that there is minimal setup time required for each print job. While failures do still occur, they are generally due to human error with configuration of parameters within S3D such as first layer height.

ZYYX has been fantastic for multi-material printing. With its ability to print in materials such as ABS and PLA complimented by the advance filaments such as TPE, Nylon and PTEG. These can all be used simultaneously on a job to create some intricate working parts straight off the bed. This has been useful in creating items such as badges where several colours have been needed to meet the end design.

The printer is not without its faults however. The multi-material printing is only accessible by the change of spring within the extruder head. Something that is not easily accessible during tool changes due to the position of the spring and the home position of the printer.

The print bed is also made of a unique plastic, borosilicate glass combination which creates a chemical bond between the printed part making heated beds unnecessary. This is good with small children in the house as it is a safety concern having a heated ben however, after prolonged use, cracking can occur in the top layer of plastic meaning the entire bed assembly needs to be replaced at a cost of around 60USD. In my experience this occurs around every 12 months with frequent use.

Overall the ZYYX is the unsung hero of 3D printers, well worth the price tag. 

Small print  just3dp web 1c orange mit hintergrund weiss By JUST3DP on Oct 26 2016
Good, better, Zyyx

Easy to use, many materials possible. Always good results. We are very satisfied

Small 13692745 10155039618579097 4274681570057616619 n By sandro_strimer on Oct 26 2016
a New user

I would like to say my FIRST print on this machine went very well.

The settings need to be tweaked a bit that are preset in Simplify3d. I could for the life of me NOT remove the raft from my 3D printed part.

But am impressed so far. Community wise I noticed there is no a BIG community out there. unlike some 3D printers who have their own Facebook group with thousands of users. I hope this will change in the future.

But I am amazed how easy it is to setup works OUT OF THE BOX.  Am at this moment busy printing my first ABS 3dbenchy.

but all in all very good and am happy I decided to go for this printer.


Not for those who like kits, its a plug and play machine of high quality and for 1500$ it justifies the price, 25 kg  of matal case with plexi top window, all iys parts are easily accesible without taking theachine completley apart. What makes it unique and appealing is the fact it uses a custom buildplate a material that has natural adhesion woth almost every kind of material.  And when it finishes it plays a victory music. Ye it plays music. 

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