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Small idig3d circle Avatar small Elstak Manu
Christmas Tree
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Tesseract Holder

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Avatar small By Lee South on Dec 22 2016
gMAX 1.5 XT "g is for graet"

Large build area, 16"x 16"x 21". Sells for just under $3,000.00.  Ships within ten weeks of order. Purchased mine as a personal therapy tool to help deal with depression brought on following a TBI from a work place injury. Nonetheless, even I was able to start printing shortly after it arrived. This has been a GOD send. I have printed some of the many free models available online. As well I have printed some prototype items that I myself had designed in times of my past. Immediately after my gMAX showed up I had questions about a few rookie issues, I would post my concerns to the gCreate forum and I don't believe it ever took more then 24 hours to receive a positive response. It is a good product at a graet price built and supported by an AWSOME  bunch of people in Brooklyn NY.

Small grit3d By Grit 3D on Jul 15 2017
Large Format 3d printer for Makers

A year back while I was searching for 3D printer with large build volume and I came across this gcreate gmax 1.5xt. This printer has all what was required as we make 3d printed prosthetics at www.grit3d.com so we need quality and large build volume.

Large build volume Dual Extruder Wifi Module Great Print Quality. Dual Heating Pad. It print greats with mounted extruders and you can use it for long prints. However, not satisfied with the build plate levelling of it, mechanical structure of levelling is not great, but due to software upgrades and changes you can update firmware to add and increase easy levelling. I would recommend it for those who are makers and can take some time to fuzz out. Coz its not really ready to use machine.

Small madbot3 color blast By billiest2 on Oct 30 2017
gCreate, my first 3D printer

From an artist point of view learning a slicer program was like learning a new language. That was my biggest hurdle. Printing in 3D can be fun. I have mine set up in my garage on a table. I have found that printing during the cooler months can be difficult for adhesion. I have printed things and then hear those tell-tale cracks of adhesion loss. I then would do an emergency blue tape layering of the base layers. Sometimes it works. The  cGreate is massive. I have printed a voronoi vase of my design and an MLK monument from Thingiverse. I only use PLA and I get the best results with  Meltink and  Form Futura.  I like printing with the wood from Form Futura,

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