Velleman Vertex K8400

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The Velleman Vertex K8400 is a 3D printer kit that comes with assembly tools and instrucitons. Although it has a lot of parts to put together which takes time, the printer is known for creating good quality prints once assembled.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
180 x 190 x 200
Layer Resolution
50-200 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
240° C
Open Source

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Small 11705163 10206630285251422 8839538718545875750 n By benoit_mabille on Oct 24 2016
Excellent, if you are ready to be a little involved

The building is well organised, no parts missing and very clear instructions. The design shows no flaws, some parts were upgraded (f.i. the pulleys)

Initially there is a little bit of tuning to perform, however it makes you knowledgeable to run it at its best. The quality of prints is very good. Many easy DIY options can be fitted at a reasonable cost (dual extruder, heating bed, lights..). The parts are industry standard which is really helping and there is a great community around this printer. 

Software : the provided CURA slicer is excellent even if I invested into Simplify3D.

Small img 0118 By wannesjanssens on Oct 25 2016
K8400 - Every beginner is an professional with this printer

the k8400 is a verry good printer. For the price of 600 dollar is this perfect for your first printer but even a verry good printer for everyone! In the beginning i had troubles woth the prints but with teperature calibration, it was solved. After 100 prints i changed the printhead by an e3d-v6 and now my prints are mostly perfect. The instructions to build and to use the software are very good. And a big forum with all the answers on our questions. My experience with the priner: the one you need.

Small albert01c By Albert on Oct 26 2016
Velleman K8200

Because my printer (K8200) was not in your list, I had chosen the K8400.

It's fun to assemble the K8200 yourself at low cost.

The K8200 has 1 extruder, the printbed moves.

The main problem was the printbed, which I solved by using an acryl plate 200x200x3 mm.

Now it works perfect.

Being an architect, I use the printer for scalemodels of my work.

Avatar small By Dezminator on Nov 04 2016
The poor man's Ultimaker 2

This kit comes with a ridiculous amount of parts to assemble, and the assembly manual is online only, if you are brave enough to print it, it gives you a confusing pile of paper. Once you get past the assembly and calibration, I suggest you do 5 test prints with low expectations before getting serious prints done. The overall quality is the best value in it's price range, I compared it to the Ultimaker 2 and got very similar results, I definitely recommend. I work with 2 of them and am building a full custom one. PS: The initial kit can be modded, which is the strong point of this printer. Give it A month before giving up on it.

Avatar small By kristian w on Mar 03 2017
working god if you put the time to it hard to aline

I would recommend this printer, if you have the time for it they are many pieces to assemble. and to get the print head to slide easily take their time good and affordable machine when everything works

Small 599133 By XxWANNABEGAMESxX on Apr 08 2017
vertex review!

I love this printer totally worth it and easy to use and build!

Avatar small By mariusesterhuizen on May 22 2017
Print time

It is a good printer, but most prints take forever to print. So if you have time to sit next to the printer to ensure your print does not get jammed halve way and get a mes and wast of material the next morning. Could do with heated bed 

Avatar small By arduinoos on Dec 29 2017
Good printer

I've been using a Makerbot 2x for 4 years and decided to get one of my own. The Vertex is a real good printer, excellent value. Buiding the printer is easy, fine tuning might be necessary and requires some skills.  The main drawback is the lack of heated bed. I could not leave without it !

Avatar small By dirk.delnooz on Mar 10 2018
A lot of 3D printer for your money .. 30 h to assemble velleman did the calibration after assemblh

it is a learning process ...  a lot of mistakes in the beginning with the settings . But now  great  ....also a great forum

Avatar small By isac93 on Apr 15 2018
Good printer for the money

My first 3D printer,  and it works great out of the box with PLA.

I have modded mine with a 24v heated bed, e3d v6 hotends. And SPI controlled TMC2130 stepper drivers for quite operation :)

Pros: Dual extruder Great community Easy  to mod Sturdy design

Cons: No heated bed No all-metal hotends Vibrations from z-axis lead screw makes lots of noise All of these can be fixed though

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