Dremel 3D20 Idea Builder

by Dremel
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230 x 150 x 140
Layer Resolution
100 microns
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Maximum Temperature
230° C
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Small 18268531 10155035449820306 2527045675295944242 n By jonathan_north on Jun 16 2017
its all good

so the dremel idea maker is my first 3d printer so i dont have a vast wealth of knowledge to compare it to. so i opted for this model of the 2 other 3d printers that argos was offering it was more expensive but dremel make great multi tools so i figured it was better to go with a brand i knew of. i was literally printing out of the box within 5 minets the set up was very easy just adjusting the highest three points at was all very self explanatory. it comes with some pre programmed shapes so just selected and away you go. a couple of things to remember the slicing software from dremel exports as there own type of file not an stl file but you can import an stl and once its sliced it exports at there file, i invested in simplify 3d, the main reason for this is that the dremel software is very simple and doesn't give you an option to add support structure which simplify3d does and it exports files in both stl and dremel files. finaly i also had issues with things sticking to the bed (they didnt) i added a sticky sheet which you get a couple of with the printer but things just kept popping off, i uses glue sticks but didnt make much differnace now i use carpet tape !  nothing moves and every print comes out now matter how skinny and tall the object is. it may take a little time to clean the tape off the print plate (i use a sticky stuff remover cleaning liquid which takes it off in seconds) but i rather spend 5 minuets cleaning off a bed than having several hours of prints ruined. all in all i think its a great machine and after talking to people who own different makes of printer I'm vey happy with how little trouble i have with this machine   

Small thumb By Alexandre Bellotto on Aug 13 2017
Dreamel IdeaBuilder good for beginers

This printer is a good start for beginners.

My only advice if you wanna purchase this 3dprinter: Buy simplify3D  The dremel software is really bad... 

Small nelutu By marianioan1975 on Jan 04 2018
Super for home use

I'm talking about a second-hand printer (300h print ) repaired by me with parts coming out of service in 10 days. The components are dedicated and I preferred to exchange with the original. Everything was 30% more expensive than any compatible one. If anyone needs details they can do a more complete tutorial. If he had hotbed and self-calibration would be very good. As 3D design software I work with SolidWorks exporting in .stl format. I am from Romania.

Avatar small By Samuel Wiggins (Zen Phony) on Feb 13 2018
Great entry level

Old at this point but the price has dropped and it has sales frequently! Very easy to use and fairly consistent. No heated bed and the acrylic plate is not always cooperative. If your model wont stick, wipe it down with a micro fiber cloth and be careful of your finger oils! I really enjoy it but think there are probably better buys considering it's age! The slicing software is not as bad as others imply however it is proprietary AF. Simply3D does function with it though so options options!

OH and generic filament wont alllways fit but generally will. Just beware!

Avatar small By Matt Frank on Feb 27 2018
Dremel 3D20

The Dremel 3D20 only supports the .3drem file format, witch limits the software products that can be used with it.

The build platform needs to be covered in their build tape to protect the plastic build surface, and provide a surface that the melted plastic will adhere to. The build tape  is expensive, can only be reused a few times, and does not work well. After having it cause several build failures, I began looking for alternatives. Painter's tape and plastic food wrap both had issues, but were better than Dremel's build tape. 

Several builds just stopped half way through. The printer would be working just fine. Then it would reboot without any error message or explanation.

All in all, the Dremel 3D20 could be a great entry-level printer. But, there are some problems for Dremel  to work out first.

Avatar small By mozkowiz on May 27 2018
It's a dremel

It's pretty, easy to use, works like dremel does, reliable and I really like it

Small img 20180412 094140 By beguin.raphael on Jul 30 2018
The starter kit

For a newbie into 3d print, it's a good start, this one was made for education purposes, if you plan to use for specific or more techs project : pass your way, i'll try to go deeper with slicer like cura and craftware to build support, but it dosen't make it everytime.

Avatar small By wwu22 on Sep 08 2018
Thank you

Thank you for making this model free to download!

This will be my friend's birthday present!

Avatar small By erik8 on May 02 2019
Good out of the box, but limited ...

Very good results 'out of the box" with plain PLA. Adjusting platform takes very secure skills. Sometimes filament gets stuck in nozzle / print head (when it gets "old" and "brittle"), but only two inbus screws need to be unscrewed to solve any problems there ... Also replaced the nozzle a few times already .. Advanced printing gives sometimes problems with non-sticking to the platform. Hight adjustment and/or renewal of platform sticker will help, but you should want a heated bed, also for printing flex and other materials ..  (3D45 was not invented when i bought this 3D20, otherwise i would go for that one ... I probibly will be making my own adjustments to the 3D20 with an universal separate heated bed soon ..

Small 9a7ded48051365b9ebe17e48289d8cfa By natalie mcbride on May 15 2019

Well This is a great beginner Printer No heated bed although I dont know what that means  

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