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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
230 x 150 x 140
Layer Resolution
81999 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
230° C
Open Source

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Small logo By meloinc on Mar 31 2020
The quality is between middle and high end.

This printer is great for all around use. I have created bowls, pots, utensils, toys, checker pieces, razor holders, door lock locks, and so much more. I love it.

Avatar small By bob4bills on Apr 26 2020
New 3D20

Just recently bought this machine and found it very simple to set up and use.  The software is an issue, we attempted to load from the web site and received a malicious code warning so did not download.  The conversion software to go from STL to Dremel and set up for your own printer works like a champ.  

Avatar small By durs26 on May 02 2020
So far so good.

I am fairly new to 3d printing and got a great deal on this 3D20 printer that i could not pass up.  Been really pleased from my 1st test print, a simple dice to now some great prints that includes some parts for the household and some fan art.  Easy to use and so far, no issues.  Great printer to learn and grow my knowledge with.

Avatar small By 13redbull37 on Jun 15 2020
Don't buy this printer

I don't like it! It's so hard to adjust it right so that the liquid filament keeps on the underground and not get stuck around the extruder. The quality of the produced objects is really poor, very poor detailed and no smooth surface. Also it fails to print filigran parts. Not comparable to what other printers are capable of.

Avatar small By Moscato Creations Crafts on Sep 05 2020
Software for printer no drivers for Mac can’t see the printer.great on pc but needed for Mac

Can not use with Mac. Printer is not seen keeps saying save file .very frustrating 

Avatar small By robjt3223 on Dec 27 2020
awesome printer for first starting out

I am just getting into 3d printing. this machine is awesome so far. Simple, Quite and prints  semi smooth projects. 

Avatar small By bbridges on Jan 03 2021
3D20 New User Review

My wife got me this for Christmas 2020 so I'm still learning. This may not have been the model I would have picked if I was buying one for myself but I'm grateful for it and I do like it. Out of the box it has some preloaded files that allow you to start printing right away. It also comes with a sd card and is the only option to load print files. It does not have network or computer connectivity options. The quality is good and we were impressed. Once I expanded outside the preloaded files, I spent a frustrating 4-5 hours (likely more) trying to get the 3D slicer software to work properly. I did not try simplify3D as I didn't want to spend $150 on it. Since it was over the weekend I couldn't call for support but I ended up downloading Cura with an add-on that I found buried in a user forum. Once Monday came around, I called customer support and they were very helpful which was needed because the software documentation and information was not consistent. After all that, I still use the software I found online and find it more flexible than the Dremel  3D slicer. There is conflicting info on the Dremel site and got the real answer when calling. The 3D20 can print using g-code but I have found the .g3drem to be less problematic.

When doing larger prints, the non-heated print bed can cause adhesion issues. There are work ways to work around it but it takes fiddling and/or research. It is an outdated system at this point but it does have nice features and is a good looking unit. The touch screen interface works well, the enclosure is well built and will cut down on dust collection. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product, but would like a unit that can print multiple materials. 

Avatar small By happybuild on Jan 03 2021
Very good printer

Great printer that has a very precise printing quality

Avatar small By Rudi Niemeijer on Mar 24 2021
Underestimated reliable and accurate 3D printer

Got this second hand with 800 hours on the counter. Previous owner really did a thing on it, drilling in the cover and  transporting it on the back of a camel. Cleaned the printer up and ordered some cheap spare parts from Dremel: new cover, some screws, new X-end stop. Replaced it effortless. Now its my favorite tool in the workshop: from Cura (with Dremel plugin), to machine takes seconds and each print comes out great. Highly recommended printer.

Avatar small By Steve King on Dec 31 2021
For the money I think it's great.

The price is right. The thing performs well. Don't buy it thinking you will get the best 3d printer out there.  Buy it to have fun with and see if you like 3d printing. For what I do it's a blast and easy to use.

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