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The LulzBot Taz 5 is an evolution of the popular Taz series designed with the Open Source movement. This machine includes an all metal hotend to allow printing in a variety of materials as well as a PEI build surface for increased part adhesion. It's been named the best overall machine by Make magazine.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
290 x 275 x 250
Layer Resolution
75-500 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Flexible, HIPS, Polyester (or Copolyester), HIPS, PETG, PVA, Metallic and Wooden blends
Maximum Temperature
300° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By Wrenzo on Nov 05 2016
Reliable printer with good build volume

Pros: I've had this printer for about a year now, and it's still working as well as the day I got it.  It came with HIPS filament which adheres great to the PEI platform.  I haven't had any prints come off the bed yet.  It has quite a large print volume for the price you pay.  It also can print from an SD card, so you don't need to have your computer connected to it during your print.

Cons: Auto bed levelling would have been nice.  It is a bit on the noisy side, but I have it in a room in the basement, so it doesn't affect me.

Verdict: A great printer overall. I look forward to trying out different materials in the future.

Small hosoedown By Crystanubis on Nov 08 2016

We use two of these at work, and while we have had problems with them, bear in mind we put them through the wringer, running them everyday with many prints being left to finish overnight (or even the weekend). They're built like tanks and as easy to maintain as a bicycle. My only true complaints are twofold: I don't like that it uses 3mm filament instead of 1.75mm (which can be modified), and the pack-in software leaves a lot to be desired on the slicing front compared to Slic3r. We did try running it through Slic3r and Repetier, only for it to suffer a jam so bad we had to call Lulzbot and send it off to them to be cleaned. In the end, they simply replaced the entire assembly, which earns their customer service mucho brownie points in my eye.

Small 12088550 10153619339317622 882086405101128830 n By taxilian on Dec 14 2016
I liked this printer a lot until I got other printers and compared

First of all, leveling the bed on this beast is difficult -- you'll have a lot of trouble really getting it to print edge to edge on the bed with something like ABS, so despite the large build volume I can't generally use it all. In addition to that, I've never gotten consistently good results with PLA regardless of the settings I use -- and I'm using top quality PLA, not just bargain crap.  PETG works pretty well, but tends to jam up the hotend/nozzle a bit and I've often had trouble printing other filament types after using PETG and the PETG will stick hard to the PEI bed if you're not careful.

The most meaningful thing I can say about this printer is that I recently picked up a $200 MP Select Mini from monoprice and the prints I'm getting off of that toy (both in ABS and PLA) are far better quality than I've ever gotten from my Taz 5.  Holes printed with the taz end up smaller than they should be, bridging doesn't work well, etc.

Since I know many will see this and think I just haven't given it enough chance -- I've tried 3 heads, two of them dual nozzle.  I've printed both single extruder and dual extruder. I've printed multi-day prints and tiny things.

This is a printer I want to love, but I've finally put it in the other room and gotten a prusa i3 mk2 instead which prints 100x better, though slightly smaller build volume. I plan to eventually try to rebuild it until I can make it all work.  Maybe the issues can be resolved with a smaller nozzle, a different hotend, hardened rods, metal bushings, or something else that most other printers use? I'm not sure yet.  What I am sure of is that the taz cost over twice what my other two printers did *combined* and is less than half as useful.

Small logo white background v2 small By adylinn on Jul 08 2017
Great printer - consistent results, good reliability but some compromises.

I have loved owning a Lulzbot. The community, forums, company customer service and overall experience has been very good. The printer is well built and designed well and made with quality components. I have modified the printer to include: an enclosure, upgraded the stock PEI sheet to a much thicker sheet (to eliminate bubbling problem), the e3d titan extruder, and e3d v6 hotend, This combination of upgrades has turned the Taz 5 into a really great printer for me. Now that the Taz 6 is out and has some nice new bells and whistles I would not hesitate recommending looking at Lulzbot but would recommend an enclosure for printing ABS. 

Small square cubes By shadowbehindthebread on Oct 03 2017
Truly awesome printer!

This printer has been the most consistent of any of the printers I've used (Makerbots, Printerbots, Prusas, etc.). I've had a Makerbot 2X for about 6 years now, and while that goes back and forth with quality, the TAZ has almost always been reliable. I've had it since December of 2015, and probably logged about 600+ hours on it by now.  I see complaints about difficulties leveling the build plate, but that hasn't at all been a problem for me. I've been throwing the TAZ in my car and carrying it back and forth  from place to place since I got it, and it is super robust. I have never had to re-level the plate (so, I also don't know how), and I have no trouble with things not sticking (if anything, they can stick waaay too well).  I haven't needed customer service (yet), so I have nothing to say about them. The online community seems to know a lot about this printer, and has tested a lot with this printer (as have I),  so I've found answers to most things I've had troubles with. The TAZ is able to print things of (almost) any size, though I've found it significantly better with larger, sturdier prints (such as FTC robotics parts) than very fine, or small models with high precision. My only complaint is with the filament. It works great with PLA, but I haven't gotten successful prints with ABS (though I've also tried only about twice), and the structure of the extruder just isn't meant for printing with flexy fillaments (such as NinjaFlex), because of the somewhat large distance from the extruder gears to the hot end - and everyone who's taken physics knows you can't push a rope! There's probably something I can do about this, but at the moment, the NinjaFlex just coils up and jams. Overall, I would highly recommend it, even though it is somewhat pricy. 

Avatar small By Jose AJ on Nov 03 2017
Very good for the Price

Very good for the Price! Nice printed parts, open source.

Avatar small By pnanna on Jan 05 2018
Couldn't be happier (almost)....

Have had this printer for 2+ years and have gone through rolls of filament of differing types.

Nylon-X, wood filled, Buzzed, ABS, PLA and carbon filled nano-tube types.

It is rugged and keeps running reliably and with no compromise in quality even with all the original parts.

Was able to print a dolls hand at .15 and it turned out great.

I had an issue with the heated bed material delaminating from the boro-silicate glass base, and the Lulzbot had a replacement on the way before I even had an RMA set up!

The only "down-side" is that the bed is not self leveling and must be checked and adjusted (easily done) occasionally.

Avatar small By ekunzen on Mar 05 2019
Awesome printer

I've had this printer for quite a while and love it. At the beginning, I had some issues with the .38 print head clogging, but since they sent me a .5 print head, this printer has been largely bulletproof.

I did, after 2 years, have to replace the heating bed when the PEI surface delaminated (yes, I know I can get another PEI sheet and replace, but this way I have a spare heating bed!) :)

You have to do some assembly out of the box, but it is easy to do. I have heard some reviewers have problems with bed leveling. I have NEVER had to level the bed. I had a BAD experience with a $200.00 printer with "automatic bed leveling," so I was wary about bed leveling issues. This has been no problem with the TAZ 5.

I have printed ABS and PLA with this printer. But my favorite filament is HIPS hands down. It acetone smooths like ABS, but doesn't warp or yellow as badly and is quite light. 

Lulzbot tech support is brilliant. When I had the print clogging problem, they helped me diagnose the problem and get if fixed in nothing flat.

And the new version of the Cura software is MUCH better than the older versions. It gives a lot more control over the attributes of the gcode files it produces.

Overall, I love this printer!

Avatar small By kshots on Aug 01 2020
Best open source printer I'm aware of

Good overall. Not so good for ABS, as with most open-bay design printers - expect lots of warping/splits. Some bad designs on the print heads - the v3 dual extruder can't do PLA, for instance. On the other hand, it's one of the few upgradable printers out there - mine started as a TAZ 4 and is now fully TAZ 5 compliant.

Avatar small By Kaleb Productions on Apr 30 2021
Dear TAZ5 I want to take you for my bride

I have only owned this one TAZ5 for at least 4 years now.  Funny story I purchased the smaller one and they sent me the larger one by mistake which was worth $1000 more.  Did I complain?  No, I did not.  Don't tell them.

It took me about a two weeks of my spare time to do 1 successful print.  But that was a long time ago and now I can successfully print every single time.  I had a lot to learn about 3D printing.  I'm sure there's a lot more I can learn about it.  I have printed several replacement parts for it.  The cool thing is I keep a roll of nylon around so I can replace parts with super durable ones, ones that are more durable than the original.

The print quality is as good as I need it to be.  The build quality is excellent.  It's not really a hobbyist machine.  It has a nozzle diameter of 2.85mm.  The Lulzbot people have been very helpful over email.  I use Cura for TAZ5 and it does crash on occasion.  I have tried to use other slicers but could never figure them out enough to use.  Cura seems to be more reliable or at least I know how to use it better anyway.

When I switched from ABS to PLA I had a lot of problems with large prints that would get clogged.  I printed up a coupler provided by a community member to run filament through.  You stuff a piece of rubber foam and put a drop of oil in it on occasion.  Once in a while you replace to rubber foam and oil.  Ever since then I have had no problem of that kind.

If my business takes off I would not mind have one or two more exactly the same, perhaps it's possible to get some used, perhaps not even fully working.  I know how to fix them now.

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