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200 x 200 x 140
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No data
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Flexible, HIPS, Polyester (or Copolyester), HIPS, PETG, PVA, Metallic and Wooden blends
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Open Source

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Small img 0624 By Michał Biały on Oct 19 2016
Difficult to start but brings a lot of fun when using.

Hard to make it operative, after assembling, without problems and issues, but brings a lot of fun and is likeable in using when you have some basic technical knowledge.

Small suport bobina 2 By Quim Melian on Oct 25 2016
Start to print

Rep Rap Mendel is a good printer to start to print simple pieces. The best, without problems and works correctly. Also, you can print your own spare parts!!!

The worst, spent a lot of time to  assemble correctly and make it opertive.

Small 1384235 10152308346707004 2103438709 n By Davet998 on Nov 04 2016
Designed for makers

If you go this route you'll know your printer inside out. Building a huge construction set was part of the fun and the sense of satisfaction well worth the hours invested. Time spent getting everything right has resulted in some good prints. Lack of Z height has been the only issue. Printed a few 'upgrades' and replacement parts.

Small 10940624 10153206351935769 5066137290666670976 n By michael.t.fann on Nov 17 2016
The best way to start 3d printing

I will never regret building my Prusa I2.  I almost bought a makerbot, but decided that by building it myself, I would learn much more.  And I was correct.  If something goes wrong, I know exactly how to fix it.  I don't have to wait on tech support, I am my own tech support.  This is the true maker way.  

Avatar small By Hypercubebuilder on Feb 27 2017
Still Affordable Repraps are capable of SUPERB Print quality once set up correctly!

Reprap i2 is capable of printing a wide variety of 3D filaments which is a lot of fun! It's capable of superb quality fine prints with glass-like outer edges not just the base layer IF it's built with meticulous attention to detail and you get your software settings and choice of filament right. Trust those who are giving you Tried & Tested advice or you could waste months and a lot of plastic if you fail to c-a-l-i-b-r-a-t-e your inexpensive Reprap i2/i3 printer to fine-tune it's control. If your machine is well built and there's as little 'play' in components as possible, it's capable of producing prints as good as a printer costing x10 times as much. Tighten down the build plate so it can't wobble around as the B.P. shuffles back & forth; Make sure that your rubber Pulley is taut as this will also help minimise jerky movements/bouncing. Don't "Speed""! The best quality print is also achieved by printing at the Optimum speed for the nozzle.  

What's causing Poor Quality Prints? More likely User Error than the Reprap's Fault;


I'd battered my Repap to bits & rebuilt it dozens of times before I got a print out of it! The Tech Sheets that came with it were extensive but the best bit of advice was to keep your hands OFF the smooth & threaded rods. As they say "Wear the glove". You must maintain the steel rods by application of light lubricant eg. sewing machine or brass instrument valve oil. This'll keep them moving freely & prevent build-up of oxidisation (rust)  which leads to the printhead carriage or Z-Rods sticking & causing failed prints. 1 tiny drop of oil once every few weeks is enough & will keep your printer  running  sweetly. When calibrated correctly your Reprap i2 should sound 'musical' as it prints.


For $299 I bought a 3D printer that taught me an enormous amount. I have no time for those who patronise China's Manufacturing. What I received from them was  amazing;  I've had superb fun striving (even crying) getting my hardware perfectly assembled, Software, Dependencies & Drivers installed, achieving calibrations and so much more but I didn't set off to buy everything working "out of the box". This was The Plan. Going from a box of nuts n bolts to a machine that can 3D print a plastic lidded box in 35mins has been an awesome journey and one I will never regret taking with a Reprap i2!

Avatar small By mike redfearn on Dec 16 2021
I like my printer.

I leared how to fit parts together and about tolarences.

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