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One great feature of the UP box 3D printer is it has automatic bed levelling and calibration. For those concerned with particle emissions, it comes with a built in HEPA filter to filture out any ultrafine particles created during the 3D printing process.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
255 x 205 x 205
Layer Resolution
100-400 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
260° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By oerto on Oct 20 2016
Good printer

good Printer can be recommended 

Small text logo By Furnibird on Oct 25 2016
UP BOX is the best ABS printer there is.

The UPBOX was my first printer. I wanted a Plug N Play printer that did both ABS and PLA. It prints ABS like a boss and with the auto level and perfboard bed the only time a print went wrong was human error. The software is much better now from when i first got the unit and you can now change the temp and run other filaments. PLA is not the upbox friend if using NON up filament and found out the hard way. Due to its all metal hotend the pla would click and jam. I did find a great filament that is designed for the all metal hot end and 15 hour print was done on first test. All in all if you want something that looks great is silent and prints very well in ABS then this is it.

Small cucarachaas By Kallabow on Oct 28 2016
up box unique jewel

It is great!!!! probably one of the best of the market!!

Small 059 thumb large By jerrycon on Nov 04 2016
'Does what it says on the tin'

Got one of the first into the country and love it, prints are great , software is easy to use and it's very quiet.

The only time I had a problem was with the extruder, it started to extrude by itself and formed a massive ABS blob that blocked up everything.

one call to the suppliers and a new extruder was delivered next day, no problems since.

Community is ok and the response times a bit slow.

Avatar small By Gary Brinsden on Nov 04 2016
Awesome Box of tricks

I am a teacher in a New Zealand school teaching design and visual communication and have two of these machines as well as six other UP! 3D printers i.e. two UP!Minis, two UP!Plus and two UP!Plus2s.  We have been using UP! machines for around 5 years and have found them to be extremely reliable and perfect for our purpose.  The students just go and use them like they would a photocopier.  I print quality is great and now that there is a purpose build PLA this material has stepped up to the mark.  I would definitely recommend these machines. 

Small logo2 color   copia By Imprenta3D on Nov 11 2016
I've loved it, but not now

It was a great printer, but after 2 years using it, lately I fails every day with big prints (8-12h printing), sometimes at the beginning and other times at some middle point of the priniting...

The new software (Up Studio) has been a  big improvement to this printer: now you can set different temperatures for different filaments.

Small logo 3dp 01 By 3DP.ie on Mar 23 2017
Up Box

I have had my Up Box for about a year, I'm delighted with the self leveling build plate and the nozzle height detection, The nozzle height on my machine does need to be set manually but it is still done through software but once you get the right height it's perfect for every build. Some parts when you look into the machine are 3D printed, these can be downloaded and printed if you either damage a part or there is an upgrade. It is great value for money with the extras you are given. The software isn't as good as the Cura software and sometimes feels a bit out dated when moving parts in the build area, you also need to use Up's filament. And all the setting are preset. This printer is great or offices and schools as its an enclosed unit, quiet and all the setup is done through software.

Avatar small By mark3d on Aug 07 2017
UP!Box works

After many years of playing with my 3dsystems bitsfrombytes printer I really needed a  more stable 3d printer. The upbox had all the specs I wanted. Auto leveling ,hot build plate auto nozzle height and abs/pla settings. The closed box really helps to print more stable. I only added a out of filament sensor.     

Small formatize dark blue jpeg By Formatize on Jun 10 2019
Get Stuff Done

The Up Box had it's issues but the revised UP Box + is a great machine if you want to get stuff done. I've had one for at least 2 years and almost every print I do is successful.  The enclosed chamber, heated build plate and removable perfboard/platform makes it great for ABS parts. If you want to print PLA or rubber then you need to buy the PLA and TPU print heads. The software does not has as many options as simplify 3D but that makes the machine easy to use. 

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