UP Plus 2

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
140 x 140 x 135
Layer Resolution
150-400 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
240° C
Open Source

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Small 059 thumb large By jerrycon on Nov 04 2016
Just keeps going

This is one of those printers that just keeps on going and going, plug and play so easy and prints great. Would happily recommend this printer to anyone who wants a reliable printer that produces very acceptable prints.

Also love the slightly robotic sounds it makes (not loud but noticeable).

Small af 001 e By A.B. Cruz on Jun 07 2017
Simple, Affordable, User-friendly

Works right out of the box, very minimal setup & calibration required, superb print quality for its price range, with simple plug-and-play interface.

Avatar small By mstate1981 on Mar 21 2018
Nice printer

I have been very satisfied with the UP Plus 2.  I use PLA more now because I feel this printer excels with that.  Warping is a problem with ABS.  I had one printer go out on me and customer service sent me a new printer.  No troubles since.

Auto leveling is nice and works well. Very happy with print quality and ease of use.

Avatar small By slavestothemind on Jul 30 2019
Wasn’t expecting much from a second hand printer

considering I bought it used for $300 and have spent hours printing and trimming pieces of all sorts has made this printer money well spent. When I first got it I had a software issue with the newest up! Studio stopping right after finishing the raft which made me nervous but as soon as I went to the earlier 2.0 software this thing is running non stop. This is an excellent 3D printer for anyone not wanting to learn a lot of back end to get up and running. In fact after 2 weeks of continuous use I’m finding myself wanting more options and customizations within settings but less is more with the UP! Plus 2 for someone just getting started. 

Avatar small By guille adou on Mar 22 2020
facile d'utilisation à utiliser

je l'ai depuis 2017 mais j'avoue l'avoir rangé, car n'étant pas trop satisfait dû au fait qu'avec l'ABS les pièce imprimées ne tenaient pas sur le plateau. 

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