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The Form 1+ is a complete desktop SLA 3D printing package. It comes with a post-processing kit plus free software for sending designs to your printer. The newer version of this printer is the Form 2, which has a bigger build volume, touch-screen controls, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
125 x 125 x 165
Layer Resolution
25 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
Self heating resin tank
Open Source

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Avatar small By wmrhoward on Oct 20 2016
Not ready for prosumer market

There were so many great examples online I thought this would be an asset to support rapid prototyping.   Many small part trials with reasonable success I tried some larger parts, less than 10% good prints.  used up about 5L resin with no useful output.  FL customer was unable to get beyond recommend cleaning all optics and blaming resin contamination.  Design of the resin tank is a disaster, cracks that can dump resin on the mirror and can't tolerate basic cleaning with alcohol.  My experience was so bad I don't believe that the website represents the actual performance.  I've seen the pictures and even some samples but  the F1+ had similar examples.  Really wanted it to work but wasted $4K on a toy.

Small 11 By nikko3d on Oct 20 2016
it´s good but high cost!!

it´s good but high cost!!

Small 12219619 111709659194591 1782875629772217929 n By alfred_tuellmann on Oct 26 2016
Good Printer but not as easy to use as marketing tells!

nearly 70% of the prints are OK. But the 30% fail prints are driving the cost high (time!!! and material) small prints are more successful than bigger prints (holes and bad parts what no file or test shows).

In general it makes money but not as much as planned due to 30% fails.

Small 13124625 10153770640693842 1791755943513088982 n By rob_irwin on Oct 26 2016
Pretty good for the money

I've had some great prints turn out and some fail. All in all my experience for the past year has been good. As far as desktop SLAs go, I'm very happy with it and looking forward to continuing to play with the ever-evolving choices of resins.

Small iiqm1358 By ron_desnoyers on Oct 31 2016
Keep the mirrors clean and you'll have little to no failed prints.
Overall I've been satisfied with approx. 80% of the 3D printed parts. The X-Galvo mirror is off by 10% so I need to overscale all the prints (+10% on the X-axis) and then once they're printed, they return to 100%. It will cost $800US for repair, plus shipping. Being a Canadian customer is quite expensive
Small zbrush pixel brushpilot logo By brushpilot on Nov 03 2016
Be a master in positioning but thats no guarantee for 3d printing success ...big running costs comes for shure!

1.) I print only or better i say i want to print 3d jewelry for that i have high expectations to printing 3d models....the formlabs promo sad that.... that it can do that....ähhm NO !!  for more simple forms and shape stuff the form1+ is may quite good.....but if it goes into very detailed complicated form things...that 3d printer sucks so many times and print pancakes on and have to be an big big expert master or an professor to positioning your model for the supports....that´s take time...while the software (preform) place so many supports under your 3d least the fader position was on the lowest the end of the print you have a print failure again...while you cant see on the 3d model surface a structure or what you expect from the print...theres to many supports that failures the print. You cant see the model anymore. Again in the lowest fader position.

2.) The printing costs are a choke for 0,5L casting resin 180€ = 199$ with shipping costs...outrageous...thats no fun at all. On sept. to okt. 2016 i print a whole 0,5L casting resin bottle with no print success NOTHING!!! only printing failures again and again pancakes or supports with nothing on it....and from the support you get only the help (please send us the 3d model to we can watch at it) or they sad buy a new resin tub again...( i have a new one in it) i don´t want that...time is running and my customers are waiting and i lost many of them...that sucks people. The customer support answers very quick that is impressive somehow.

3.) The preform software is not to bad but to handle the only that position that i like or realy want is not many supports at all. A great tip ! you have very detailed model give it to professional 3d printing company they have a maybe a solidscape 3d printer or what else that works for you the 3d print.

4.) With the form2 formlabs changed the castable resin again in the second or third time and the form1+ users have to swallow that and handle a new resin again and this wont work perfectly too...i thought many times if i sell my form1+. But maybe tomorrow i have luck in positioning my model maybe it will work or not. So so EXPENSIVE !! You have to go thru a lot of wasted time and print failures before you have fun > maybe!....but the form1+ is better than the hot sausage 3d printers toys on the market thats for shure....but for that big buy money and high running costs  and print failures that´s no consolation.

5.) You better save up your money....and later on a real better 3d printer for more money.

Avatar small By Martin Tetreault on Nov 11 2016
Excellent customer service. Outstanding print quality.

I have bought a form lab printer  about 1 year ago. Less then 2 hours after the unpacking, it was ready to print.

The print quality of this SLA printer out-stand every other FDM printer. Yes, removing supports can be cumbersome sometime but, if you are looking for print quality with small details, this SLA printer is the way to go.

It is also very reliable. Once you get familiar with the common pitfalls, it works flawlessly (at least until now).

At some point, I experience some printing problem (loose screw on the platform). But I receive a fast and very good support from the Form Lab team.  And the more I know the printer, the less problem I have. There is a lot of different little thing which can fails your print.  You have to get use to the printer weakness. But for me, I was able to fix everything with a little cleaning and a screw driver. I think this is a great product, not only because it is very well built, but also because it have a dedicated team behind it ready to support your exploration.

Prints can become a little expensive. Not only because of the price of the resin, but also because you need to replace the bac and the platform from time to time.

My only regret now, is not owning a Form 2, which look even better.

Avatar small By AndresP on Dec 18 2016
Happy with the result after I got know this machine ....

At first the results were not good . To tell you the truth, I was too ambitious and did not understand how to set up my models for printing. As with other 3d printers, there is a learning curve. I thought I knew everything after printing models on a FDM  for over 2 years but resin printers have nouances  - once you  understand what to do they can be overcome.

I tried some of the bigger and more complex models at first without understanding that I needed a whole bunch of supports to prevent the resin from cracking when it was curing. I also did not pay close attention to leaving large enough holes in hollow structures. 

With the help of Formlabs technical staff and  trial and error over the first few months, I was able to get my models to print the first time 8 out of 10 times. 

The finish on all of my resin models is soooo much better than with FDM; I do cure them in a UV sterilizer for 30 minutes to an hour and I am  pleased with the results so far.

I have read many people's negative comment about this printer; high cost, not seeing results they expected. After having used and maintained hobby and professional FDM printers for over 3 years, I can emphatically say I have never been so happy operating and maintaining a machine that is this simple and reliable.

The most important thing I think could be improved is the durability of the  trays - if you leave resin in them for an extended period they will most likely leak. Also the sides crack easily pulling them out or pushing them in the printer.

Small 196802 5498064833 7423 n By on Jul 15 2017

This printer works well for about a month and a half at a time. Then you'll spend another month and a half fooling around with it. Then you'll send it in to get the laser replaced. Lather rinse repeat. I'm on my fourth Form1/1+ and although the laser has not outright failed this time, I am having to compensate for loss of power using the Preform OpenFL version of the program. Will limp along like this until I can get my hands on a good LCD mask "SLA" printer to replace it. Formlabs has ceased support for Form1/1+ so I don't know if they would repair it or not at this point. 

Avatar small By julianmowlam on Oct 02 2019
Formlabs form1+

I have only just got this printer second hand, it was a bargain , had to clean out the tanks properly and clean the build platform and the resins that came with it needed putting through a strainer after doing this the printer works great, and the prints come out great using Formlabs Preform 2.20.0 in the one click print

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