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Avatar small By gks2242 on Apr 11 2017
A great printer for both beginners and those who want to learn more.

The Makerbot Replicator 5th generation 3D printer has been nothing but astounding in my experience thus far. Every print I make is beautiful, the consistency with quality and the ease of use of the printer are remarkable. Makerbot's customer service department is phenomenal, when I first started using the printer I encountered network errors and errors with the devices operating system. After a short dialogue via email with Makerbot support a new unit was in the mail on its way at no charge to me. All in all I am shocked with how amazing Makerbot and their Replicator 5th Generation 3D printer have treated me this far. 

Avatar small By luis_feliciano on Jun 04 2017
Makerbot 5 gen replicator.

at first it was hell on earth with the  fist extruded (fist 2 years 1/2) but then i get the smart plus ext. since Jan 17 and it was a delight. 

Avatar small By Lampie on Dec 14 2017
great printer..

The Makerbot Replicator 5th generation 3D printer has been great

a thus far. Every print I make is nice.. and running lots of hours with no error.. and if it runs in filament errors its due to bad filament. . but i do want more features and going for the beta extruder . 

Avatar small By Mrs. Torres on Dec 20 2017
MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen

Can be temperamental at times, but overall a solid printer with  consistent printing objects

Avatar small By Philip Foley on Jun 28 2018
Makerbot Replicator+ Rock Solid!

We have had the Replicator+ for a week now.  Its been running non-stop since I pulled it out of the box.  The design is very pleasing, the operating sound levels are lower than its last model.  Its quiet enough to forget its running.  The camera is a bit choppy, however, I just use it to check the bed.  I love hoe the bed is removable, it makes taking a part of the build plate easy.  The adhesion to the plate has been stellar.  At a price tag of $2400, I feel the value is well worth it.  Print On!!!!

Avatar small By Chidiebere on Oct 14 2019
Makerbot replicator 5th Gen

can have not too smooth layers or edges but overall it's a pretty good printer that gives a pretty good output.

Avatar small By Cristina Saldana on Apr 09 2020
easy to use, has its limits

After having this printer for 4 years using it occasionally, I have dived deep into printing with all kinds of settings. Here is what I have found: The software available to use depends on the extruder type, Makerbot Desktop for the old smart extruder, and Makerbot Print for the smart extruder+. I only have the original smart extruder so my printing times are 50% longer than if I had the smart extruder+.  I am getting a new extruder + to take advantage of many other settings available through Makerbot Print software. For someone who is just beginning and learning this is a great machine, reliable, and great quality. 

Another limitation is the exclusive use of Makerbot PLA Spools, which have a narrow core. If you want to use any other brand of spools, make sure to first print a spool holder to feed the PLA evenly into your machine. I found a nice makerbot replicator spool holder here, that plugs into the back of the spool holder in the machine.

Avatar small By Dos 3D on Apr 24 2020

Cons :many moving parts, noisy, slow

Pros: high resolution, low cost, great customer service, best community, great software


Avatar small By Vmusic on May 10 2020
Extruder Aside....

OK - there was (I believe) a class action lawsuit against Makerbot because their extruders a)jam up something terrible and b) they've known about it for years but have done pretty much NOTHING

In 2019 I went through FOUR extruders. I got them for FREE from the manufacturer, as it was under warranty - but it doesn't matter because they're junk and they jam up.  Honestly......who has HOURS of time to try to load filament?  When I finally ditched their product and got a Prusa......I almost fell on the ground over how easy it was to load filament (on the Prusa).  Night and day difference.

Their product has some great/amazing features like: WiFi, a camera to watch it print, great software, etc. ---- but in the end, if your extruder jams up every few months, what do all the bells and whistles matter. 

They also recommend ONLY using their brand of filament. What a joke. Come on................this company reminds me of like the Big Evil Company that manipulates its customers to rake them over the coals, whilst telling everyone how friendly and wonderful they are. They actually have the nerve to sell their product (extruder jamming all the time) to schools. Our tax dollars WASTED. 

After a year, I bought a Prusa and literally threw this ~$2,000 3D printer in the dumpster.

Avatar small By Schifty1 on May 12 2020
Reliable, easy to use

I've had this printer for about 5 years.  In the beginning (1st 3+ years), there were many issues with the print heads jamming (I even had Makerbot swap out the machine for a new one), and the software  not functioning properly (mainly the wireless connection), but they finally fixed most of the issues.  Print head problems were mostly software settings issues (FW and software updates fixed many issues), and then they redesigned the heads to the + version which made them even  more reliable.  My current print head has been operating for 2 years without a hitch.  The wireless connection still disconnects and forces me to "add  a printer" with a static IP, and then authenticate it on the printer, more of an annoyance then anything else.   The post processing  (time the software uses to determine the amount of time the print will take) is slow, and I have a very fast machine with loads (192GB)  of RAM.   The current software is easy to use, the built in leveling assistant works very well, and as long as I use blue tape on the build plate there are no issues with my parts sticking to the build plate.   I am using "Rafts" for every print. and that works out very well.   The only negative I currently have with the machine is that it doesn't have dual extruders.  For people looking to get into 3D printing, I would suggest that they ONLY look to buy a machine with dual extruders.

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