XYZ Printing da Vinci Jr. 1.0

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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
150 x 150 x 150
Layer Resolution
100-400 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
230° C
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Avatar small By Sandra Hoyt on Jan 19 2018
great value, but...

Seems like after the first test print, it has gone down hill since.  You have to buy their PLA because of a microchip to keep track of how much you use, and when your done, you can't just put another spindle on, and you cant reuse the chip because it is a one time use only.  So, buyer beware...

Avatar small By 4xmeister on Jan 22 2018
Awesome printer, Awesome software!

Great right from the start! After a few test prints, I ordered some 3rd Party Filament and it has worked great in the printer! The XYZWare and Printer Plugin software does better slicing than Slic3r or any other program out there - especially when it comes to supports. I highly recommend this printer to anyone! This is my first 3d Printer and won't be my last! I also got it off Amazon for ~$280 - Can't beat the price! The build quality is also Excellent!

Avatar small By Scott Hannigan on Jan 31 2018
Cheap and gets the job done

The printer just works, plain and simple. Any issues I've had is due to my own misunderstanding of what the printer is capable of. I would recommend literally any slicer other than xyz though because it's just far too limiting. Also the worry of having to use their own filament has such an easy work around if you buy the tags off eBay and have a phone with NFC.

Avatar small By Abnix on Feb 22 2018
Great entry-level printer

No this printer cannot handle every filament out there, but it handles PLA expertly. The only issues I've had were related to the NFC chips in the XYZ brand filaments declaring spool empty long before they were. (Easy fix: remove NFC chip from spool run as if it were a 3rd party filament (meaning you have to manually enter temperatures. Not hard at all.))  The other problem had to do with crappy third party filament melting too soon in the extruder and jamming things up. Twice. (This filament also jams up my other printer, so not da Vinci related.)

I've seen others say the slicer is lacking, it most certainly is not in my use experience. I actually prefer it to the Slic3r experience I get with my Solidoodle printer/software.  In the latter you must pre-define any slicer settings and save them as a profile from the Slic3r application itself, then remember to switch to that profile... In XYZ you can set and save (or not save) the settings within the same interface, no need to open a whole new program. GREAT for one-off prints where you're never going to need those settings again.

Also the wide variety of file formats the XYZ printer accepts is empowering. Less time spent searching the web to convert from one format to another to get a print.

Being able to Auto-level the bed is such a life saver/time saver also.

Avatar small By NDN on Apr 26 2018
Great Entry Level Printer

I have the XYZ DaVinci JR 1.0w and this is the first 3D printer I have ever had.  Purchased it in Nov of '17 as a Christmas gift for me.  I didnt want to spend a lot of money on something I had very limited knowledge of, both in printers and how to.  I had nave used a CAD so the CAD and Slicer were very easy to use and the printer has done everything I wanted.  Easy to set up and start printing.  It is not a high end printer and has a few flaws, now, I can now say this after several months of playing.    For a FF PLA printer it is a great printer for anyone wanting to try to get into 3D Printing.  It will do a lot of things.  Bring your design into reality for a minimum cost.  I would recommend the printer to anyone just starting out.  There are better ones out there but none that work as well as this one at this cost.  GREAT FIRST 3D PRINTER is all I can say.  

Avatar small By Roland Mosley on May 30 2018
Great printer for a great price if your not tech savvy looking to get started in 3D printing.

i have been working with the Da Vinci jr. 1.0w for the pass two months, using 3D build from Microsoft and the XYZware  helps complete the processes of printing for me. Its been fun learning with my printer which caused me to invest in a DIY #D Printer and build one from the ground up while learning software and programming at the same time.

Small screen shot 2016 08 29 at 7.42.52 pm By Danny Sanchez on Jul 03 2018
Best printer to get started

99% success rate with very acceptable quality for such a cheap printer. No need to figure out calibration, heating, fan speeds, etc. It takes care of all of that for you. The little room for customization is just fine as it will deliver prints that almost never fail.  Once you master this, you can move on to something more elaborate.

Avatar small By Scott Burton on Sep 17 2018
Good Entry Level 3d Printer

The XYZ da Vanci Jr. is a good value and has proven to be pretty reliable in operation. I recently completed a 31+ hour print job with no faults. I've modeled and printed with the XYZ downloadable software as well as the Windows-10 provided 3D Builder with no difficulty recognizing the printer device. PLA filament colors are sometimes in short supply and the auto-sensing chip in the filament spools leaves wasted filament on the spool that cant be used. (My primary criticism is filament availability and usage constraints.) 

Small imta By Noah Martens on Sep 01 2019
Entry Level Printer

The da Vinci jr 1.0 pro is definitely a beginner printer, however can print complex designs and prints that have a duration more than 15 hours. The print size is smaller than usual but also limits the complexity of prints.

Avatar small By tony.r2 on Nov 12 2019
xyz jnr 1.0

Good starting printer which is quite easy to use. Quality of prints reasonable. Customer service poor. Biggest drawback is you are locked in to manufacturers filament which is very expensive and can be wasteful. Maybe best to look elsewhere unless restricted by price.

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