XYZ Printing da Vinci 1.0

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The XYZ da Vinci was one of the first highly affordable printers to hit the market featuring a fully enclosed and sizable print volume. Its low cost and ease of use make it a great machine for beginners.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
200 x 200 x 200
Layer Resolution
100-400 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
245° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By cmorg42 on Apr 20 2019
Ok for rudimentary prints

I have the AIO version. The software is frequently updated but with the updates you sometimes lose a function or two. The printer itself is ok, the table is easier to level if you have a dial indicator. It’s not extremely stable, but the prints do turn out ok for the most part. Using a brim is recommended for most prints. I prefer to use Meshmixer for supports to reduce material waste. The included software just uses a scaffolding. There is a scanner built in to the printer, but the quality and ease of use is less than desirable. If you frequently do 3D modeling, you might have an easier time using it. I found it to be a bit difficult to use. The major drawback is the printer uses proprietary cartridges of filament that have a chip tracking the filament usage. Although the cartridges are easy to use, heaven help you if you let the filament slip back inside it! Overall a decent printer for the price. Does best using PLA, using ABS requires some bed temperature tweaking to prevent discoloration . I haven’t needed to do anything special to it after making 20 medium sized prints. Tech support responds, just not very quickly. They do try to help though.

Avatar small By tempogg on Apr 28 2019
Complicated machine...

Machine could be really better for the expense.

Avatar small By dpcons on Sep 12 2019
A super printer for the price

I like the enclosed design, I like the ease of use. The calibration is a little finicky but seems to be accurate. The biggest variations I find are in the brand of filaments. Some experimenting with temps and speed settings helps dial in  for a particular vendor. I've printed PLA, PETG, ABS and wood fill PLA. The default settings work pretty well for each one.  If a certain PLA won't adhere, masking tape and Glue Stik always works.  For the price, this Pro 1 is a great introduction to 3D printing.  I've made many usable prints with very few disasters.  Support has been good.  They usually respond pretty quickly.  The latest software is solid.

Avatar small By Facundo Guillen on Sep 17 2019
El peor software

la calidad de la impresora es relativamente buena pero el software es muy malo.

Ideal que se pueda usar al 100% con simplify 3d u otro sofware más decente.

La cama caliente no es plana asi que hay que usar vidrio de borosilicato.

Una de las barillas del eje x venia torcida de fabrica.

No la recomiendo.

Avatar small By Prokser on Dec 18 2019
Bardzo fajna drukarka w dobrej cenie

W pobliżu

Small doh By thedilligafinn on Mar 25 2020
A Versatile Machine

Am very happy with the Da Vinci pro,  having open filament usage comes in handy for various projects. only problems ive had was poor cooling of extrusion and the feeder tube coupling  design at the hot end is a bit dodgy but can be improved easily

Avatar small By Capn Stabn on Mar 30 2020
Nice printer but not worth the hassle

To be honest, I really like this printer. It was my first one and was very easy to set up. The main issue I have is with the filament. You need the XYZ brand cartridges because they have a chip that goes with the spool to automatically modify print settings, which is super cool. However, even buying the XYZ spools from XYZ, there's compatibility issues. And I've had more than one spool be split in the middle, causing failed prints. Customer service is a joke, too. 

Avatar small By peter.c.boxall on May 28 2020
XYZ Printing da Vinci Jr

Good printer, ideal for the beginner as you learn a lot about 3D printing before you decide to embark on a larger more expensive machine. Made a few nifty items for the to be used around the house. Easy compatible with CAD software when exporting for printing 

Small avatar By serialscraper on Sep 12 2020
Not bad for a premium printer

I managed to buy this printer at a reduced priced because it was discontinued floor stock. The printer itself is of a high quality and I hardly ever have prints fail.

Avatar small By Gadgeteer15 on Sep 29 2020
Starting Printer

This is a good starting printer for people that are new to 3d printing. Some little details like the slicing was a bit frustrating at times, but it is a solid good working printer.

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