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The da Vinci 2.0 Duo has a dual extruder system, however only takes proprietary filament and works only with ABS. It does have an built-in enclosure to protect from ultafine particles.

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Small 409074 258839390855194 1107360125 n By hiroshi_nakanishi on Oct 20 2016
Cheap and easy

After i upgraded/changed my DUO printer to use "normal" filament, i like 3d print. The print quality  could be better and sometimes calibration is needed. I had the best results with the cheapest filament!!

Small 10501802 10205205959969082 1875652774004805286 n By jp_neville on Oct 20 2016
As expected

It wont be the best or worst.  There are plenty of issues to deal with, but most of the can be resolved with patience.  I wish the software was a bit smarter.  It can be frustrating to get it to do what you want, but one you do its pretty solid for how much I paid for it.

Avatar small By bassplyr64 on Oct 20 2016
Great when it works

When it works this printer it is great for the money. I've already sent it back twice for repairs. The leveling is a pain in the butt. Good for starters but being locked into XYZ cartridges is a drag 

Small 13413758 10202100758638283 302641811852675755 n By neil_hancox on Oct 25 2016
Patience needed

My second xyz printer, I also have the junior. nice size and look good. Seem to me you get a good one or a naff one judging by other peoples reviews. As with all 3d printers they all have certain ways they like to work. I use a £120'000 stratasys fdm machine at work and the duo is far more reliable and more than worth the money. Think the bed levelling is made more difficult than needed. I just start demo print and as it start to lay down the first layer turn off at the plug. Level the bed by just gently moving print head around.if you are patient and willing to just turn it off and come back to it later then its a good machine. I also use a cartridge reseter and 3d simplify. never tried pla but prints abs and asa well .

Avatar small By danny1dog on Oct 26 2016
I'm a Newbie

Fairly easy machine to use.  Had some trouble getting the Abs to stick to the glass.  Tried a few things that I found online to try.  ie hairspray, abs slurry..... but found the best was still a glue stick.  I bought some large permanent glue sticks made by Avery, all has been great since.  The software was really buggy dealing with the chip in the cartridges, but I believe that has been fixed.  I gave up on XYZ's Slicing software and opted to buy Simplify 3d software after having to wait hours upon hours for XYZ's software to recognize the print cartridge.  Once the first layer is down I can walk away and not worry that it will finish the print successfully (Using S3D software) XYZ 's software doesn't run the extruder hot enough if you build a larger object and you'll get layer separation.  All in all a good printer for the money.  

Small 1546001 722022191141904 263716776 n By nicholas_carlson on Jun 15 2017
Don't !

[email protected]> wrote:

Here is my review of the davinci 2.0 simply the worst printer customer service ever. (PERIOD)  first let me say this was my first 3d printerReasons:   1. After opening the printer the first thing i had trouble with was adhesion i tried with and without glue. Tried hairspray and a mix of hairspray and glue wich finnaly held. 2.extruder 2 would not go to its home. Contacted the CCC (Customer Care Center) was asked to send a video of the issue. It took 3 attempts to get a video compressed enough to send to them due to the attachment size being only big enough for a gif. I finnaly was able to find help online on how to fix. Done by tightening the belts and relocating the wire assembly location so not to catch.   3. I could print with either extruder 1 or 2 but not both for some reason. Like i said at the beginning this was my first 3d printer and after watching. Online videos i discovered that my extruder bed was broke into two peaces. 4. If you want to either buy only fillement from xyz or know how to hack something then this is the printer for you. Because inside of the fillement tray is a sensor that counts how much fillement you have left and will not let you use any other fillement but there's. It will give you an error and stop the printer. It will allso tell you you are out of fillement with yards of fillement left?  5 the CCC is the worse. They do not answer their phones if you call number inside of the printer. I was able to use thier CCC online aid but durring the process they stated they would call back at a time they stated. Happened more than once. 6. The discreption does not matxh the product. In regards to the print size acording to Target and Staples local stores it has a 15inx15inx15in print size, and looking at th3 size of the priter itself makes since but actually it is less than 1/2 that like 5.5mm. 6a. Discription it can print abs,pla and water soluble fillements  [it can if you but the upgraded extruder] Overall DONT GET IT!
Avatar small By Robert Poole on Aug 22 2017
Da Vinci 2.0A Duo - cheap dual extrusion hardware, but you'll be paying in other ways

XYZPrinting was having a sale on the da Vinci 2.0A Duo for Father's Day, so I figured, why not?  (The sale price was around $350, as I recall.)


  • Heated glass print bed.
  • Print bed only moves in the Z axis (thus more stable for tall, skinny parts).
  • Dual extruders, direct drive.
  • The latest extruder module handles PVA water-soluble filament for printing supports... but see below.
  • Supports ABS and PLA.  May also support XYZPrinting's proprietary flex filament.
  • Supported by Simplify3D under Windows and Linux.
  • Filament run-out detection.


  • Extruder module is expensive to replace ($160, a significant fraction of what I paid for the printer).
  • There's a substantial gap between the extruder's feeder gears and the throat of the hot end.  Any significantly flexible filament can escape the confines of the extruder mechanism and fill the build area with a pile of unused filament; all that's needed is a little bit of a jam in the nozzle.
  • Filament cartridges are proprietary and microchipped.  This ostensibly keeps track of how much filament is used and tells the onboard controller the type of material, its preferred hot-end temperature, etc.  Third party filament isn't supported -- you need to upgrade to one of the Pro models.
  • Except for using PVA to print supports, mixed material printing is not supported.
  • Calibration is assisted, but not fully automated.
  • The calibration utility takes measurements from the metal clips holding the bed in, not from the bed itself.  This makes putting build surfaces onto the glass bed problematic.
  • The calibration utility takes measurements from three points on the bed that don't correlate with the locations of the thumb screws you need to adjust.
  • Nozzle wipe operations are more effective for the right nozzle than the left.
  • Layer height resolution only goes down to 100 microns.

This is my third 3D printer, the first two being a da Vinci Mini w (a real workhorse once I tightened the Y-axis belt) and a MP Select Mini (worked great until a severe nozzle clog; replaced the hotend with an E3D, but it never worked quite right after).  The Duo is a printer that has pro-like features, but isn't in XYZ's Pro product line.  It's a fairly inexpensive dual extruder printer, and for that reason, I decided to get one.

The cartridge system for filament is pretty well thought out, except when filament breaks inside the cartridge.  At that point, you have to disassemble the cartridge and fix it yourself; the cartridges are designed to be taken apart so you can put in refill spools.

Print quality is just... OK.  Bed adhesion is sometimes problematic, although purple glue stick and the "extreme" glue sticks both work well.  You'll occasionally see layer banding and, more importantly, globbing.  Cross-contamination due to the inactive nozzle oozing is a problem.  I recommend Simplify3D because it has an ooze shield setting that seems to work very well for this type of dual nozzle setup.

PVA is tricky to work with.  I was having some problems feeding PVA through the left nozzle at one point, and the PVA that's sitting in the nozzle for a while will burn and adhere to the inside of the nozzle.  You can run PLA through to try and clean the nozzle out, but when I tried, I noticed that mass quantities of PLA would squirt  out at high pressure -- so the nozzle was not fully clean (despite using supplied wires to clean out the nozzle), and pressure built up in the nozzle as a result.

The left nozzle completely seized up on me, and now I need to buy a replacement module because I can't find an exact nozzle replacement, and because they manufactured the cartridge/heater block in such a way as to make replacing an individual nozzle difficult at best.  Tried clearing the left nozzle with a heat-gun.  No joy.

The direct drive extruder is poorly designed, though this may have been addressed in a recent revision.  All I can say is, PVA spewed out of one side of the block after a clog and was a mess to clean up.

Save up for a better dual extruder printer.

Avatar small By Péter Marcalek on Feb 08 2018
XYZ da Vinchi 2.0 Duo

It is a cheap and easy to use machine for every beginner. 

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