Ultimaker Original+

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
210 x 210 x 205
Layer Resolution
20-300 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
260° C
Open Source

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Ultimaker Original+ Prints 26

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Multi Key
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Es-Cage Tube (4 versions)
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Small erik avatar Small erik avatar Erik Es (Printed In Space)
Es-Cage Cube (4 versions)

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Small 272093 10150251834108549 926661 o By Ninjapsycho on Oct 20 2016
Great printer for beginners and semi pros

Having had this printer for more than two years I can only say I love it! I like the opensource, ease in building it and the sturdiness from the not so fancy laser cut plywood. Never had any serious mishaps with this one it just keeps on going and giving great joy. I only changed a thermocoupler and a heatblock. Thats it!

Avatar small By rowiac on Oct 26 2016
Ultimaker quality at a budget price

You have to assemble the Ultimaker Original Plus yourself, but the knowledge you gain from that exercise will allow you to easily maintain and troubleshoot your printer.  The print quality is great and there are many mods available along with a very active and supportive online community.  With the UMO+ you get Ultimaker 2+ performance at less than half the price.

Small avatar2square By Thomas Davis on Oct 27 2016
Fun printer

I put together the kit, and the steps were very easy to follow for putting it together. Turned out to be a fun project with my dad! 

I'm very impressed with the quality and price for this little printer! 

Small banner.5 By Arif Sethi on Jul 09 2017
Easy, Affordable, print quality superb,
Easy to use. dispite one of the Orignal modded model it competes with many new and expensive printers
Avatar small By oscar santana on Oct 06 2019
A good printer for thousands prints

With adequate manteinance, a very good machines!

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