Witbox 2

by BQ
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The Witbox 2 is a safe and convenient domestic 3D printer, which is ideal for use in professional and educational settings.This second version includes a new extruder which prints with more materials, a maximum precision auto-levelling system, a new electronics board and even more intuitive interface.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
297 x 210 x 200
Layer Resolution
20 microns
Material Types
PLA, Filaflex
Maximum Temperature
250° C
Open Source

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Small 10888816 10204846864363129 5702653060352940085 n By bolsoncerrado on Oct 20 2016
Too much for too little

Unfortunately after having owned 12 FDM printers and 3 Witboxes, I sold the v1 and got Witbox2 to realize this product is more of a promise than a reality. The product fails to deliver the autoleveling it promises plus the fact if you set the bed full of pieces, it will loose steps over and over. After checking straight with bq, their only solution was: "fill the bed with less pieces". For that matter, I better find another big bed, more reliable brand and printer. Just my 0.02

Small 14479527 1367889766563442 2727720208914656256 n By wolfgang_schicker on May 16 2017

SORRY ....what `holsoncerrado` write is full peace of Bullshit !!! The 3D Printer is really easy to use , comfortable and really  good Quality of prints and Builds and Hardware......you have to look for every time new FW and a fine Programm to work with....CURE or Simplyfy§D....really good working with the Printer.

And best way you spend 140 Euro for a heating bed......nothing fall down , no ptintloosing no holes.....

For this Money Range from 1400,-- to 1700,-- Euro a really fine 3D Printer with much modern Comfort

Small 12662728 10207617018640179 501774637832567154 n By josef on Jul 28 2017
A workhorse of a printer. Temperamental at times but easy to maintain and built well.

I am the owner of a Witbox 1 and 2 Witbox 2's. I find this printer to be well built and strong with a metal frame. Th quality is high when printing at around 60-70mm/s at 100 microns. The auto-levelling could be improved and the printer is quite noisy. However, I've had this printer for a over a year and it has just carried on going, it's safe easy to maintain. The print bed is large and removable. One thing this printer is exceptionally good and printing is flexible materials, it has a double drive extruder and you can feed the material directly in through the top of the printer (With a 3D printed bracket that clips on to the side of the printer to hold the flexible filament). I used the printer to print The Third Thumb project for Dani Close, you may have heard of this project!? Overall, it's a good printer if not a little noisy and lacks a heated bed but prints PLA and flexible materials reliably.

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