iPhone Bike Mount - Sunflower Style

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This is an iPhone 6 Bike Mount with a little bit of style. I designed it for my girlfriend because she likes sunflowers :-)

I hope you enjoy it too!

Please note that the designe is made to fit a iPhone 6 with a slim case.


  • Print the 4 Parts in PLA or ABS at 0,2 - 0,3 mm layer height
  • Snap the parts together
  • Fasten the mount on the bike; note that the diameter of the fixing hole is 25 mm
  • slide your phone in the mount and enjoy

Design Files

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SunflowerDock 2 - Flowers Version 2.stl
1.68 MB
SunflowerDock 2 - BaseMount.stl
548 KB
SunflowerDock 2 - Clip Left Side.stl
202 KB
SunflowerDock 2 - Clip Right Side.stl
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