Holocron Lamp for the decerning Jedi

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Here's a lamp I designed

It's Motorized, force controlled and it's also cloud connected!

It's a Holocron lamp using the force open and close. With the wave of a hand over the top any discerning Jedi can access the path the the light.

This project is based around the Particle Photon IoT dev board, and I have to say this has been a joy to work on!

Check out the link below for a full build tutorial

Full Project Tutorial

Design Files

File Size

bottom case lower.stl
79.8 KB
bottom case main.stl
651 KB
bottom cover.stl
13.9 KB
holocron servo cog.stl
133 KB
silde in blue lens 0.4 x 4.stl
684 Bytes
silde in blue lens top left 0.4.stl
7.7 KB
silde in blue lens top right 0.4.stl
8.87 KB
top case main.stl
251 KB
top case side 1 and 3.stl
200 KB
top case side 2 and 4.stl
527 KB


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