Open RC Accessory Contest Winners Announced!

Open RC Accessory Contest Winners Announced!

We knew we would get some amazing entries for this contest but we were blown away by how many awesome entries we received! Thank-you to all those who entered and submitted their designs!  Our judges had a very tough job deciding on the top 10 designs but they based their scores on creativity, technical excellence, and presentation.  

Without further ado, here are your Top 10 Winners for the Open RC Accessory Design Contest!

6th – 10th place 


Imagine yourself in the drivers seat of an F1 car! Flashsolutions did just that by scanning their own bust and creating this compatible race car driver helmet and visor. 


The judges loved the creativity of this design – a bull horn ornament that fits right into the nose of the RC.  Great work by Ryan van Waes

Keep your enemies in the dust with this laser attachment! Great design which makes for a quick print and keilum griffin included his print settings. 


How awesome is this body kit!? It’s very Open RC meets Dark Night – Great design work by a_kuhta


Another great body kit design by Isotalo! It can be mounted to the F1 car chassis with M3 screws.


Congratulations! You all won a Limited Edition ZYYX Polo Shirt.


3rd – 5th place


A functional LED light so you can take your RC out at night! Nice work by delukart who also left instructions on how to install the lights on the design page. 


We love the bumper cars when we were kids, and now PIPE AGUIRRE has recreated that experience with the F1 RC car! He has included recommended material for each part of the bumper kit. 



We love the creativity behind this design! MakersPlace designed a 4 part accessory kit to take the RC from speed car to speed boat! Don’t forget to make the parts watertight.


Congratulations! You all won a Limited Edition ZYYX Polo Shirt and a coupon code for 20% off the ZYYX+ 3D Printer


2nd place

RS-01 OpenRC F1 Adjustable Suspension Chassis by   brett turnage


This design was well thought out and very technically sound! Great work by brett turnage who also demonstrated the accessory in a few Youtube video’s


Congratulations! You’ve won a printed Open-RC F1 with a separate electronics kit from Hobby King (consisting of: ESC and motor combo, battery, micro servo,transmitter and receiver) and a Limited Edition ZYYX Polo Shirt.


1st place 

OpenRC F1 DRS system by makit


For those who want their RC to be as fast as possible, this DRS (drag reduction system) is build to reduce aerodynamic drag to give you optimal speed! Great work by makit on making it easy to print and technically functional. All the instructions are broken down on the design page.  


Congratulations! You’ve won the grand prize of ZYYX+ 3D Printer (2077 USD) and a Limited Edition ZYYX Polo Shirt


Honourable Mention

These designs received high scores from the judges but the designers had other designs that already ranked in the Top 10

F1 MadMax V2 (For use with the original nose) by PIPE AGUIRRE


This sweet body kit includes a bumper, set mini explorer, fuel tank stand, roll bar, and new wheels – all compatible with the original RC design. 

open rc f1 camaro body concept kit by delukart


We love the sleep look of this body. There are three parts to this Camaro-inspired kit which bolt together with 8 M3 nuts and screws.



This functional accessory allows you to mount your GoPro camera on your F1 so you can get footage, wherever your RC goes! 

Congratulations again to all our winners! One of our staff will get in touch with you on how to claim your prize. Big thank-you to our sponsors ZYYX+ 3D Printers and Hobby King for sponsoring the awesome prizes for this contest! 

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry! We’ve got another contest going on right now for your next chance to win a 3D printer! 


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  • Makit Projects

    I’m so excited I won this contest, Thank you very much! There were very interesting projects, thank you again for choosing mine!

  • Congratulations to everyone who entered and well done to all of the winners. A lot of creative designers entered into the contest! Well done everyone.

  • john

    congrats on the win makit !!

    To the judges
    ( Not putting down makit’s design at all. ) But I do feel that there were other designs out that should have won.(worthy of that $2,000.00 printer.).Like ones that didn’t need buying a extra 3 channel controller and extra servo for the mod to be usable. (some people like my self don”t have money to waste on another controller since they already have one or simply cant afford it..) Just saying that this winning mod is not feasible for all who have a 3d printer as you cannot just print up a new 3 channel controller and extra servo..
    (plus it seems odd that the guys picture you used for the contest ended up winning the contest.
    And also got honorable mention.
    (I mean there were far better designs to mention )

    Just my opinion..

  • Jorge Tecles

    Amazing job man. Like always. I’m the lucky one getting a birthday present from you!! ? You will achieve whatever you want! Congrats!

  • jan

    Wow i never met such a soar loser! why dont you stop giving false negative information to the designs we all uploaded and quit crying mr consperacy theory. good job done to winners of the contest

  • brett turnage

    You know Jan I’m the second place winner, and I respect people saying what they feel because it only makes the competition better. For the rules, how it’s conducted. Criticisms or pointing things out to Pinshape will make it better. I wouldn’t pass it off as being a “sore” loser.

  • john

    i was not even in the contest .. So im not a sore looser.
    and i didnt bash Makits Design .I think its cool .
    and i did congratulate him on the win..
    was just stating how i felt about the judges desisions ..

  • Richard Swika

    Congrats to the winners! Now only in the name of improving the contests and with all due respect, I don’t think the judges followed the criteria they presented in the rules. Maybe they excluded some designs… its hard to tell what they were thinking. I’m not talking about my entry, it was not a practical accessory for R/C racing. But other feasible designs were overlooked, even with high scores by the stated judging criteria.

    Please published the scoring showing exactly how you picked the winners? I always score the contests myself to see whom I think should win.

    Do votes cast by ‘likes’ count? This is unclear. The forums say they DO NOT count, but the top of the contest page says ‘Cast your Vote for the Best Design’. Which is it?

    With all that said, I still think Pinshape is the best site with the nicest people. Many thanks to the sponsor, admins, judges and contestants for all the hard work.

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! We know everyone is just trying to help us improve for next time and we appreciate that. Just as a reminder we are always looking for new judges so if you don’t agree with these results and want to be involved in the next contest we would be happy to include you.

    We will consider publishing the Top 10 scores. We have reached out to the judges for their consent. Just to clarify your question @Richard Swika we do not take likes into consideration, apologies for any confusion. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  • Richard Swika

    Wow, that is fantastic. I really feel bad criticising the scoring now, it was kind of harsh upon further review. It must be tough judging one of these things and the sponsors are more than kind. Thanks again.