Safety Cone Caution Tape Attachment

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The inspiration of this device comes from ten years of working in the security industry. Some clients were too cheap to buy the long pole type of safety devices designed for caution tape. Officers would use regular 18 inch tall safety cones instead to block off parking areas or around safety hazards like construction holes. Struggling to attempt to tie the caution tape through and around a full cone, or attempting to attach to the cones using packing tape was difficult to perform. Tying it looked rather tacky and the tape either would not stick because the cones were too dirty or would stick so well we couldn’t get it off when we were done. Suggest printing at least 30% infill at .2mm layer height with supports. Device screws into the top of a safety cone with a 1 1/4 inch top hole. The quality of the cone top is important for the device to screw in effectively. Probably not the best design for cones that have been highly used and constantly stacked on a pole as the wear will result in much larger holes. Also, you should not stack a cone on top of others with the device in place. The hole originally was so that it would not suction cup to the other cones, so plugging it will negate the effect and make it difficult to pull the cone off others. Has been designed to allow attachment of a bicycle style blinker light (the back one from Bell is pictured here). Caution tape can be placed into the hook and either tied directly to it or wrapped so it can be used as middle holder.

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