Ever wanted to keep track of the last time you wore or washed your clothes? The Dress Minder has the ability to track the day of the week, month, and date along with the days worn. My Acetone smoothing may have reduced the readability of the words. It says "Dress Mind" at the top and then "Days Worn" at the bottom. I would print the date wheels and rod separately, then the day of the week, month and days worn with supports. The case parts should be printed with the flat faces down. You will need two screws to assemble the Dress Minder.

Design Files

File Size

Dress Wheel.stl
135 KB
Dress Numbers.stl
144 KB
Dress STNDRDTH.stl
120 KB
76.7 KB
Dress Axle.stl
4.77 KB
Dress Numbers.stl
137 KB
308 KB
Dress Wheel (repaired).stl
246 KB
Dress Hook.stl
109 KB


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