E.T.H - Encrypt Treasure Hunter

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Hello everyone, this gadget has been designed to make the treasure hunt more engaging and intriguing. ETH can encrypt and decrypt messages that can be left on the trail of the treasure hunt. On the front you choose the ciphering key suitably selected at the beginning of the game, after that turning the knob is located one by one the letters. On the front is part of the ciphertext letter, and read the letter clearly in the back of ETH

Design Files

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eth stl.zip/eth - ingranaggio 1-1.stl
1.28 MB
eth stl.zip/eth - chiave cifratura-1.stl
73.7 KB
eth stl.zip/body2.stl
471 KB
eth stl.zip/eth - spur02-1.stl
471 KB
eth stl.zip/body1.stl
688 KB
eth stl.zip/eth - pezzo di chiusura-1.stl
22 KB


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