Dots Ice Cream Mold - Diy Dippin Dots without Liquid Nitrogen

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I love Dippin Dots ice cream but I can’t bring myself to pay $12 a pint for milk and sugar. I’d like to make them myself but I don’t usually have liquid nitrogen sitting around my house. Since I work with foundry equipment all day it wasn’t long before I asked myself ‘why not mold the ice cream’? Unfortunately I haven’t yet gotten the dots out whole because I only have ABS right now. (The picture I took makes it looks worse that it is, it could be improved with a bit of tinkering.) I've tried hot water (which hurt), nonstick spray (which helped), and hitting it really hard and yelling at it (didn't help). I’ll be trying an acetone smoothing next but any new ideas are welcome! This would definitely work much better if made out of a flexible material like silicone rubber. The funnel valve assembly does work well though, it holds water leak free! In any case I included a tasty Ice cream recipe in the instructions tab!

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